Chris Pratt and Anna Faris were one of Hollywood’s cutest couples, but are now nearly divorced

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are both comedians and actors. For nine years they had a good marriage, one that was meant to last, but in July 2017 they went separate ways, both disappointed in the end. Now they’ve both moved on but are still amicably co-parenting their son Jack.

Lots of fun and laughter

Katherine Schwarzenegger Chris' dating partner

Katherine Schwarzenegger Chris’ dating partner

Chris Pratt met Anna Faris on the set of his movie Take me home tonight, where she played his love interest. Naturally, it was a comedy. Both actors are, after all, comedians. The two didn’t just have chemistry on-screen but off-screen as well and soon became a couple.

In late 2008 Chris popped the question and after a suspected Hawaii wedding, which was actually the wedding of a friend, the two eloped to Bali, Indonesia, and were married in July 2009.

At the same time, Chris’ career began taking off. He starred as the loveable but absolutely clueless goofball Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation. Anna concentrated on her movie career and only took on a TV role as a permanent cast member when she joined Mom, a comedy series of several generations of mothers.

Chris and Anna were considered one of the most adorable couples in Hollywood, bringing fun and laughter not just to their audience but to each other as well. But it wasn’t always just fun and games.

Premature arrival

Anna and Chris candid photoshoot

Anna and Chris candid photoshoot

By the time Anna began filming Mom, she had already become a mother herself. It should have been a joyous occasion for the couple, but son Jack arrived nine weeks prematurely and for a while, it was touch and go whether he would make it or not.

The boy spent a whole month in NICU before his parents could take him home. Anna spoke about how much of a support Chris was during that trying time. She stayed in the hospital, recovering herself, and he would come to visit every night after work, staying by her side and holding her, hoping for the best.

Jack has had multiple surgeries in his young life, but he is a lively boy, very much beloved by his doting parents.

Rising Star

Whilst Chris and Anna both had striving careers, it was his casting on Guardians of the Galaxy that really put Chris front and centre. He seemed an unlikely choice for such a big blockbuster movie. Everyone only knew him a chubby Andy Dwyer, not exactly someone who could play an action hero. But Chris bulked up considerably, losing a lot of baby fat along the way and he really pulled off the role of Peter Quill alias Starlord.

A few more action hero roles followed, including a lead role on Jurassic World and his reprisal as Peter Quill.

Chris has gone through an incredible transformation of funny chubby guy to Hollywood action hero and leading man.

That wasn’t necessarily something Anna was entirely happy with, however. According to Chris, she liked him better as the chubby funny guy. But he used to stand in her shadow, feeling invisible then. Now that is no longer the case. He’s much more confident, though he also has less fun, he admits.

Separation and divorce

Anna and Chris with son Jack

Anna and Chris with son Jack

Could it be that this change in Chris, outward and inward, has something to do with his separation from Anna? Their split was announced in August 2017, though on their divorce filing they list 13th July as the date of separation.

Their public statement said that the two had tried to make it work for a long time and were both very disappointed that things hadn’t worked out. As usual, they said that they still had love for each other and the deepest respect. They also said that they would continue to parent their son Jack, whom they both love very much. It was for his sake that they wanted to keep their separation and later divorce as private as possible.

Indeed, neither has actually ever spoken about the reasons behind their divorce. It seems as if things simply didn’t work between them anymore.

Early December Chris filed for divorce, asking for joint legal and physical custody for Jack. Anna responded quickly, also asking for joint custody as well as child support. It sounded as if all other financial aspects had already been dealt with. Apparently, there is a prenuptial agreement, which would sort everything out and things are reportedly very amicable between the exes. The divorce has yet to be finalized, however. As usual, they said that they still had love for each other and the deepest respect.

Moving on with others

In the meantime, Anna began dating Michael Barrett, a cinematographer. The two have been spotted out together since September, which really seems very soon after her official separation from Chris. But Anna has a bit of a history of back-to-back romances. She was not even divorced from her first husband Ben Indra when she began dating Chris. And now she’s begun dating potential husband number three before her second divorce is finalized.

At this rate, we’re not sure she won’t get a third divorce.

Chris, on the other hand, has taken a bit more time to get back into the dating game. He’s a highly sought-after actor and one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood these days. So, if he’d been casually dating, we’d probably have heard about it.

But it seems the only occasion that he’s been seen out with a new woman was only a few weeks ago when he was spotted at a private picnic with Katherine Schwarzenegger, Arnold’s oldest daughter. The two were having a blast and she’s already touted as his new girlfriend. It remains to be seen whether that is really the case and where things might be going with those two.


Anna and Chris laugh out loud

Anna and Chris laugh out loud

Anna with current boyfriend Michael Barrett

Anna with current boyfriend Michael Barrett

Anna and Chris look superhot!

Anna and Chris look superhot!

Anna and Chris look adorable

Anna and Chris look adorable

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