Charlie Weber’s 9-month marriage also took 9 months to be divorced

Actor Charlie Weber married in secret, not even divulging the name of his wife. After only 9 months, he filed for divorce. Whilst the divorce took another 9 months to be finalized, he moved onto dating his co-star Liza Weil, who was also just going through a divorce.

A secret wedding

Charlie Weber first made an impression during his brief run on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He’s starred in many well-known TV shows since, but he became only well-known once he joined How to get away with murder as a series regular.

That was in 2014 and he had a girlfriend at the time. Since he was not particularly famous at the time, he was able to keep his private life private and has done much to keep it that way. After shooting the pilot to HTGAWM, he came home and proposed to his girlfriend.

Giselle Weber Charlie Weber's ex wife

Giselle Weber Charlie Weber’s ex wife

The engagement lasted about a year and in May 2015, he married her in a private ceremony in Cabo San Lucas, in Mexico. Only two of his co-stars were in attendance, and probably a few other people. He kept the wedding a secret as long as possible, but it got out and even then, he didn’t tell people the name of his wife.

A not-so-secret divorce

When he filed for divorce in March 2016, it was not such a secret anymore. In his divorce filing from then-wife Giselle, he cited irreconcilable differences as the reason and that was that.

A prenup was reportedly in place, so spousal support would likely not be an issue. Since the two didn’t have any children either, that was also something that wouldn’t need to be considered. Indeed, after such a short marriage, not much needed to be dissolved and it was mostly a matter of letting the mandatory waiting time pass.

Ultimately, it took another 9 months before the divorce was final. Whilst no details are known, we expect that Charlie didn’t have to pay any spousal support.

Why the marriage ended is unclear. Perhaps work go in the way. But perhaps the two simply realised that marriage was not for them and called it quits.

Happy with Liza

In another not-so-secret move, Charlie went onto dating his co-star Liza Weil, who happened to be in the process of divorcing her then-husband, Paul Adelstein.

Charlie and Liza began dating before their divorces were finalized. Though it doesn’t seem as if their developing feelings or attraction played a role in their divorce.

Charlie divulged that the two had been good friends before they began dating. And they did have a history of an on-screen relationship, which probably added to the idea that there could be something more.

So, they gave it a shot and it has been working quite nicely for them. Charlie said that he and Liza had a similar approach to work and a lot of things in common. He called himself very happy when it comes to their relationship and as far as we know the two are still going strong. Both their divorces have been finalized and they are enjoying life as a couple, at least off-screen.


Liza and Charlie stroll

Liza and Charlie stroll

Liza and Charlie at an event

Liza and Charlie at an event

Liza Weil Charlie's current dating partner

Liza Weil Charlie’s current dating partner

Liza and Charlie in a movie still

Liza and Charlie in a movie still

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