Charlie Sheen was set to marry for a fourth time, but the engagement fell apart

Charlie Sheen’s relationships to women are often tumultuous. His two divorces were both contentious. But somehow women still seem to consider marriage to him.

Divorces finalized in 2006 and 2011

Donna Peele Charlie’s first wife

Donna Peele Charlie’s first wife

Charlie Sheen was first engaged to Kelly Preston. The two never married, however, because Kelly left Charlie after he accidentally shot her in the arm. Kelly famously went on to marry John Travolta a year later in 1991.

Charlie went on to date a number of adult film actresses. Over the years Charlie had many relationships with many women, but somehow he managed to get married three times. His divorces seem less surprising given his longstanding problems with drug and substance abuse.

His first wife was Donna Peele, but that marriage was apparently annulled. Not much is known about Donna or why the marriage was annulled.

Then, in 2000, Charlie met Denise Richards. The two didn’t date right away, but apparently Charlie did woo Denise and eventually they became a couple. Denise once said that Charlie was a very different man when she met him. He managed to stay sober for four years whilst they had a relationship. He was happy and healthy and fit to be a father and so Denise and Charlie married in 2002.

Jess Impiazzi Charlie's current girlfriend

Jess Impiazzi Charlie’s current girlfriend

They had two daughters together, but something happened and by 2005 Charlie was back to abusing drugs and alcohol, prompting Denise to file for divorce. She also alleged threats of violence. At the time their second daughter hadn’t even been born yet.

In September 2006 their divorce was finalized, but the custody battle had only just begun. Understandably Denise considered Charlie a danger to her daughters and wanted primary physical custody. She got what she wanted and $55,000 in child support every month. Charlie was allowed to keep seeing his daughters and they could stay with him as well, but even that was eventually revisited later, because Charlie’s behaviour didn’t change. He continued to use drugs and he changed his women like others change their underwear.

Denise once said that she’s trying to keep the peace with Charlie, because he is the father of her children. And that means he will always be in her life, for better or worse. But Charlie has been known to be verbally abusive towards her and allegedly even his own daughters. Apparently he’s not interested in keeping the peace.

In 2008 Charlie married his then-girlfriend Brooke Muller. They had twin sons in 2009, but in 2010 Charlie filed for divorce. Their divorce was contentious right from the beginning. They accused each other of drug abuse and being a danger to their children. Brooke obtained a restraining order against Charlie, but she really wasn’t that much better suited to be a parent.

Kelly Preston Charlie's ex fiance

Kelly Preston Charlie’s ex fiance

In 2011 their divorce became final. Brooke received a lump sum payout of $757,698.70 as well a $1 million for her share in their home. She also received $55,000 in child support. It was stipulated that her sons should never receive less child support than Denise’s daughters.

Brooke had to go to rehab for her drug abuse problems later on and she and Charlie continued to slander each other. Charlie believed that his kids were in danger by living with her, but since he is anything but a fit father, he is not an alternative.

He moved on to dating more adult film actresses. In 2014 he even became engaged to one of them; Brett Rossi was his chosen one.

He publicly confirmed that he wouldn’t make her sign a prenup, because it poisoned marriages. He seemed, at 48, quite happy to be with a woman half his age. Presumably she would have also known about his HIV diagnosis, which he publicly confirmed earlier this year.

Eight months after confirming the engagement, the wedding was off again. It’s not entirely clear what happened between them. Charlie merely said that “Scotty” (her real first name is Scottine) is terrific and that he wished her all the best, but that his children deserved his attention more than any other relationship right now.

It can’t be said that he did indeed put more effort into the relationship with his children, however. Instead he requested that the child support to both Denise and Brooke should be slashed.

After various scandals and fallouts with producers and other film industry people, Charlie hadn’t exactly endeared himself to the industry and didn’t get a lot of work. His income was not what it had been and consequently the child support was slashed to $10,000 each for Denise’s daughters and Brooke’s sons.

The two weren’t happy with that and claimed earlier this year that they barely scraped by, but thus far it doesn’t seem as if the child support has gone up again.

Instead Charlie continued his affairs, the slander of his ex wives and finally came out as HIV positive.

Right now he is said to be seeing British girl Jess Impiazzi, who indicated that they are taking it slow and are simply getting to know each other, but he seems quite charmed with her. The two are not living together as far as we know, especially since she lives in the UK.

We can’t really hope for Charlie to find himself another wife. But we do hope that he somehow gets his act together, mostly for the sake of his children. The way he has been going, it sadly seems that he might be one of those stars who won’t live to a ripe old age.


Denise & Charlie say cheese

Denise & Charlie say cheese

Brooke Muller and Charlie snapped at an event

Brooke Muller and Charlie snapped at an event

Denise and Charlie announce good news

Denise and Charlie announce good news

Brett Rossi Charlie's ex wife

Brett Rossi Charlie’s ex wife

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