Jahira Dar helps Cesar overcome Death, Suicide Attempt and Divorce with Wife Ilusión Millan

Ilusión Milan filed for divorce in June 2010, which was finalized in April 2012. The divorce agreement included a single payment of $400,000, monthly spousal payment of $23,000 and monthly child support of US$10,000. Cesar Millan currently lives with his fiancée Jahira Dar.

From Poverty to stardom

Cesar Millan with girlfriend, Jahira Dar and younger son, Calvin.

Cesar Millan with girlfriend, Jahira Dar and younger son, Calvin.

Cesar Millan, of Mexican American descent, probably didn’t think as a poor boy growing up in Mexico, that he would one day become an internationally renowned dog trainer and behaviourist. Watching TV series such as Lassie and Rin Tin Tin made him discover his love of dogs and put him on the path to becoming one of the best dog trainers there are.

Of course, growing up on a farm with lots of animals, his natural hand for dogs soon became apparent anyway and he was even called “el Perrero”, which means “the dog herder”.

When he was 21, he crossed into the US illegally, without speaking a word of English. Initially, he worked at a dog groomers and later luck would have it that he found support in Jada Pinkett Smith, who provided him with an English tutor and became one of his first clients.

The rest is history, as they say, and with a lot of hard work Cesar built up his business and helped dogs and their owners to become better versions of themselves for over 20 years now.

Marrying and divorcing Ilusión

He met his future wife Ilusión Wilson, who is Mexican-American just like Cesar when she was only 17. The two were married in 1994, long before he became famous. Their first son, Andre, was born in 1995, and Calvin, their second son, followed in 2001.

Alas, whilst he might have the magic touch as far as understanding dogs and modifying dog behaviour is concerned, the same cannot be said regarding his talent in understanding women, specifically, of course, his then-wife Ilusión!

Cesar Millan with his sons

Cesar Millan with his sons

Cesar’s life is an inspirational one for many who look up to him as their hero. These same folks were then taken aback when in 2010, he announced his divorce from Ilusión Millan.

Soon news filtered out that his wife was the one who had filed for divorce and that she had sought spousal support as well as primary physical custody of their two children with visitation rights for their father. The specific details of the divorce agreement included a single payment of US$400,000, monthly spousal payment of US$23,000 and monthly child support of US$10,000.

The one detail that got everyone speculating was the confidentiality clause wherein she allegedly was paid a whopping $400,000 along with $33,000 per month to keep quiet about the details of their personal and intimate life. Needless to say, this kept everyone speculating as to what the couple wanted to hide. Rumours ranged from speculation about Cesar’s sexuality and orientation to one regarding an extramarital affair with another woman!

Hitting the lowest point

As it was, 2010 turned into one of the worst years of Cesar’s life for him. His favourite dog, ‘Daddy’, a huge red pit bull dog with a gentle nature, who Cesar called his ‘mentor’, passed away. Daddy died at the age ripe old age of 16 from cancer.

At the same time, Ilusión filed for divorce, making things hardly easier for Cesar. They had been married for 16 years at that time and he was busy touring Europe when he learned of the divorce. To make matters worse, some bad business decisions resulted in him nearly having to declare bankruptcy in May 2010.

Downtrodden, Cesar took a combination of pills, attempting suicide. Thankfully, he failed.

Finding happiness with Jahira

Recovering from this low point in his life, his divorce was finalized, though it is unclear how it was settled as the divorce details have been kept confidential.

Then he met Jahira Dar, at the time 28 years old, at a Dolce & Gabbana store where she was working as a salesperson. Apparently, she turned his life around and he found happiness once again.

The two moved in together along with his younger son, Calvin, now sharing a sprawling five-bedroom house with a pool. And April 2016 the happy couple announced their engagement.

As of now, the two have not yet walked down the aisle. Few news have made the rounds about Cesar’s personal life, but Jahira remains a constant in it. It seems, neither is a hurry to get married, which hopefully is not a bad sign. Jahira played a big role in Cesar’s recovery and from what we can see, he is besotted with her and unlikely to let her go again.

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Ilusion and Cesar with pet

Ilusion and Cesar with pet

Cesar Millan with Ilusión Millan

Cesar Millan with Ilusión Millan

Cesar with his furry friends

Cesar with his furry friends

Cesar Millan with his beloved pet 'Daddy'

Cesar Millan with his beloved pet ‘Daddy’

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