Cat Cora is divorcing estranged wife Jennifer and some say it could get nasty

Celebrity chef Cat Cora has been with her estranged wife for 17 years, two of which married. With their divorce just around the corner, some make it out to be nastier than necessary.

When the news broke that Cat Cora and her wife Jennifer were going to divorce, we learned that they had been together for 17 years. Most of those years seem to have been happy ones.

Jennifer and Cat say cheese

Jennifer and Cat say cheese

Cat made a name for herself as a chef and became the first female Iron Chef. Jennifer stayed at home and became a mother. The two have four children together and always knew that they wanted four. Jennifer carried three of them, though one of those is actually Cat’s biological child. And Cat carried the fourth child, who is actually Jennifer’s biological child. Despite being their biological mothers, they each then had to go and adopt their own children.

It’s complicated.

In 2010 Cat confirmed that she and Jennifer wanted to get married. They were registered as domestic partners at the time and it hadn’t really been legal in many places yet for them to get married. Whilst it still wasn’t legal everywhere in the US to get married in 2013, Cat and Jennifer married where it was legal and since last year their marriage has been recognized in all US states.

Alas, it also proved to be the year that they would break up. In November 2015 it was confirmed that they were ending their 17-year relationship and 2-year marriage. Apparently Jennifer had first filed for divorce in October with Cat following closely on her heels.

But only in November did the two confirm their separation and announced it “with great sadness … and heavy hearts”. The announcement said that they would continue to co-parent their four sons and would do so in a “peaceful, nurturing and healthy environment”. That would suggest that they are going to try and keep things amicable.

Cat and Jennifer look cheerful

Cat and Jennifer look cheerful

As it turned out, at least the gossip magazines were hell-bent on making it appear as if things could turn rather nasty. First of all it emerged that Cat was apparently furious that Jennifer had filed first. Apparently they had agreed that Cat would be the one to file first to make it appear as if it was her who instigated the split. It’s been said that this would be better for her image.

Of course, that makes no sense whatsoever. Why would it look better for her to be the one to leave her wife than the other way around? And being allegedly furious would make her surely look worse than who filed when.

On the other hand it’s been reported that a nasty custody battle could loom. Whilst Jennifer requested sole custody in her filing, Cat filed for joint custody. In addition she requested a so-called vocational analysis, which means that Jennifer should be getting a job. Cat is apparently not planning on paying a huge amount of spousal support to someone who is not making any attempts to provide for themselves.

Cat is by no means the only one receiving bad press in this. Jennifer has been accused of trash-talking Cat in front of their children and mutual friends.

Now, let it be known that there’s very little actual evidence for any of this. Only one letter is said to exist that makes these accusations and it has reportedly been attached to Cat’s divorce filing.

Cat has not publicly said anything about the divorce after the initial statement that was made on hers and Jennifer’s behalf. Everything else seems to be hearsay or something so-called ‘sources’ have said.

On the other hand Cat and Jennifer posed for a holiday picture in December with their four sons together, where they wished everyone a happy 2016 from “The Coras”. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits and Cat and Jennifer clearly stood united with their sons.

Indeed, there is no recent word on the divorce at all. It may very well proceed behind closed doors and if so then it is most likely for the benefit of their sons. For now it seems that the gossip rags are pulling sensationalist headlines out of their hats, but there is very little basis that Cat and Jennifer are indeed battling each other in court. We certainly hope that can come to an amicable resolution in their divorce.


Cat and Jennifer look happy

Cat and Jennifer look happy

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