Why is Camille Cosby still not divorced from Bill Cosby?

Bill and Camille Cosby have been married for 52 years, but since the allegations of rape and sexual abuse against Bill have been mounting, everyone wonders why she remains married to him.

Camille and Bill Cosby met on a blind date when he was 26 and she was 19. They only dated for a short amount of time before they became engaged and were married in 1964. Camille dropped out of college to be married to Bill and together they had five children. Tragically their only son was murdered in 1997.

Camille and Bill look happy together

Camille and Bill look happy together

Bill and Camille have without a doubt one of the longest-standing marriage not just by Hollywood standards, but by any standards. Camille is Bill’s business manager and has been for many, many years. It’s said that the character of Claire Huxtable is based on her.

Allegations against Bill Cosby for sexual abuse or harassment aren’t actually a recent thing. They’ve been around for many years, but the alleged victims have always been shut up, usually via some sort of settlement. Though oftentimes there was no real reaction to the accusations and they were more or less ignored.

Bill has always denied the allegations, at least on the record. Off the record he is said to have made remarks indicating that what his accusers said is at least in part true. There were drugs, there was alcohol and there was lots of sex.

The thing is, though, that Bill Cosby does not believe that he has done anything wrong or anything he is not entitled to. That’s why he denies the accusations against him.

Camille and Bill years ago

Camille and Bill years ago

Camille for her part has steadfastly stood beside her husband. But it is on the record that she knew about his philandering ways and his infidelities. She reportedly asked him to be discreet, because she didn’t want to be embarrassed. She is also said to have told people about the situation that she can’t and won’t stand in his way and that a man has to do what he has to do.

Given that the accusations against Bill Cosby reach as far back as the sixties, one comes to the conclusion that he has never been faithful to his wife and that, for the most part, she seems to have accepted that. She married him and she stayed married to him. The two had five children. At least in that regard Bill seems to have stayed faithful to his wife. He is not known to have fathered any children beside the ones he has with his wife.

Strangely one also comes to the conclusion that his infidelities were of a rather violent nature. Some women may have slept with him, because of his star power and because they truly found him charming. But in the over 50 accusations against him there was always intimidation involved, alcohol, drugs and actual violence.

And yet, Camille remains by his side.

When one woman filed a civil suit against Bill Cosby for defamation, a few others ended up joining her. Most women, who made the accusations against Bill can’t get legal satisfaction, because the alleged incidents date too far back.

Bill and wife Camille arrive at an event

Bill and wife Camille arrive at an event

So instead some try to get some satisfaction by following this route. Bill has openly called these women liars, which they say is defaming them, because they did not actually lie with their accusations.

As part of the proceedings Camille has been subpoenaed for a deposition. She was to testify against her husband, which she very much tried to avoid. Spousal privilege allows her not to testify against her husband and in the first deposition in February this year she did just that. In a 7-hour long deposition she gave 2.5 hours worth of testimony.

Later she was ordered to answer questions more openly; however the attorney’s of the opposite side had to refrain from questions not pertaining to the situation. Camille’s own sex life can hardly be relevant to this, after all.

The second deposition took place only a few days ago and was considered much more productive, though Camille’s attorney’s didn’t agree with that assessment and were merely glad this “distraction” was over now.

Camille is reportedly furious with the situation. She is said to be humiliated and embarrassed and so-called sources even alleged that she said that Bill deserves the hell he is going through. At the same time she has said that he is not guilty of rape and that everything that happened with these women was consensual, which included the drugs and the alcohol.

Why she thinks that so many women would lie about their encounters with Bill Cosby is beyond anyone.

Some speculated that she remains married to Bill to protect him. As his spouse she can, after all, invoke spousal privilege, at least to a degree. But why would she want that? After all this time and everything he has put her through, why would Camille Cosby remain married to her husband?

The only one who can answer this question is Camille herself and her lips are sealed. If it is her true conviction that her husband is innocent, one is inclined to think that she deserves him.

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