Anita Scott wants to continue living the high life even after divorce from Byron Scott

After 29 years of marriage Byron Scott filed for divorce from college sweetheart Anita. But they’re not so sweet on each other anymore with Anita wanting to continue her lavish lifestyle even after the divorce.

Divorce finalized in July 2015

Byron and Anita Scott met at college and back then Byron was the perfect gentleman, wooing Anita with flowers and poems. It worked a charm and the two were married in 1985. They had three sons in the many happy years that followed and Byron became an NBA champion three times.

Anita Byron's first wife

Anita Byron’s first wife

But eventually the college sweethearts were sweethearts no more and the two separated in 2013. Reconciliation was apparently never an option and in March 2014 Byron filed for divorce. The reason for his timing became quite obvious, because he signed a $17 million contract with the Lakers as their coach shortly after filing for divorce.

Clearly he did not want that new income to become part of a future divorce settlement. He knew his estranged wife well.

We don’t actually know why the two separated. Beyond the customary irreconcilable differences there doesn’t seem to be any information out there and no third parties seem to have been involved either. After a relationship that lasted nearly 30 years the spark simply seems to have left.

But Anita was apparently not willing to disappear into the night and leave her estranged husband to return to the Lakers as a coach, who would earn the team more titles. In January last year she demanded quite a chunk of his money, because she needed to keep up the life she had become accustomed to during their marriage.

That meant living in a bigger house, having beauty appointments worth hundreds of dollars every few weeks and flying first class into the Bahamas. She wanted to live the life of a player’s life long after she was the wife of a player, who was himself a player no more.

Cecilia Gutierrez Byron's current girlfriend

Cecilia Gutierrez Byron’s current girlfriend

Perhaps this is the reason Byron decided to divorce? Because his wife is greedy and demanding and he could no longer stand it? At least that’s how she comes across to the rest of the world.

We would kindly ask Anita Scott to take it down a notch. Just because she is not able to make a living by herself, doesn’t mean that her ex-husband has to pay for a life that most of us don’t even dream of.

When the divorce was finalized in July 2015, the finances hadn’t been settled yet. No surprise there. It’s quite likely that the divorce was not entirely amicable at this point and that neither of the two was willing to back down.

Alas, we have not heard anything in the last six months that would indicate that the financial aspect of their divorce has been settled. We’d be curious to know in how far a judge would agree with Anita’s assessment of her need to keep living as lavishly as she has become accustomed to. First world problems seem to be bad enough these days, but nobody can relate to rich people’s problems any more.

We certainly hope that she doesn’t get to live out of her ex-husband’s pocket for the rest of her life.

Byron seems to have moved on at least emotionally. He’s been seen out several times now with Cecilia Gutierrez last year and the two even went on vacation together.


Cecilia and Byron ready for a vacation

Cecilia and Byron ready for a vacation

Cecilia and Byron posing

Cecilia and Byron posing

Cecilia and Byron say cheese

Cecilia and Byron say cheese

Cruise time for Cecilia and Byron

Cruise time for Cecilia and Byron

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