Bruce Ratner’s divorce from Pamela Lipkin goes from amicable to contentious

Bruce Ratner and Pamela Lipkin were together for 11 years before they were married. But eight years after that they’re headed for a contentious divorce.

Bruce Ratner met Pamela Lipkin in 1997 and started dating her. At the time he was still married to his first wife Julie Ratner, but apparently that marriage was on its last leg already. It’s not entirely clear whether his relationship to Pamela was merely a symptom or the cause for the demise of his first marriage, though. In any case, his divorce from Julie was final in 1999.

Pamela Lipkin Bruce Ratner's second wife

Pamela Lipkin Bruce Ratner’s second wife

Whilst Bruce and Pamela are both quite well known in New York City, he as a real estate developer with his firm Forest City Ratner and she has a plastic surgeon, who specializes in nose jobs, they have usually led a fairly private life. They have, of course, been seen out and about at functions and red carpet events, especially since Bruce is a board member at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and the Museum of Jewish Heritage, but their appearances were rare.

In 2008 the two married and their children from their previous marriages were in attendance.

Eight quite years later it was announced that the two were headed for divorce. It was Pamela who filed. And she filed for a contested divorce, which indicated right away that things were not going to go down peacefully. In their case the issue would be a financial one. That was in July 2016.

In November, then, the two met in court for the very first time and it appeared that an amicable solution might very well be in the cards after all. At least one issue had been amicably resolved, though it’s not clear what issue that actually was. Supreme Court Justice Michael Katz, who was presiding over the proceedings, expressed his hopes that all remaining issues would be resolved before the next court date, though it wasn’t clear when that would be.

Bruce and Pamela times together

Bruce and Pamela times together

On that occasion it became quite clear that Bruce Ratner was not exactly happy with his private life being dragged out into the public light. He showed himself to be somewhat frustrated by the presence of reporters in the court room.

Whilst hopes persisted that the estranged couple would be able to resolve their issues amicably, those hopes were dashed soon enough.

Right at the beginning of the New Year it emerged that Pamela was suing her estranged husband over her eviction from her medical offices on 5th Ave. Apparently Bruce received the title for the offices once upon a time when he bought an Upper East Side townhouse for himself and Pamela. In turn Pamela received an ownership interest in the townhouse, which she eventually traded for ownership interest in a California home.

Now Bruce has served his estranged wife with an eviction notice from her medical suite, which threatens her very livelihood and forced her to sue. His attorney claims that she is merely trying to get around a pre-nup, but her attorney counters that it is merely an attempt by Bruce to gain the upper hand in the divorce proceedings.

Clearly an amicable divorce is out of the window now. The move by Bruce Ratner seems rather low and really quite unnecessary. There is hardly a point in threatening Pamela’s livelihood, especially with a pre-nup in place. It seems petty and her decision to sue is therefore understandable.

At this stage things are definitely contentious and one wonders why two people past their prime feel the need to go through something like that. They’ve been a couple for nearly two decades and this is how it ends. It also goes to show that mixing business and pleasure is not a good idea, not among friends and certainly not among spouses.


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