Bruce Jenner – three marriages, three divorces

Bruce Jenner married three times, had two children with each of his wives and is now divorcing his third wife, Kris Jenner. Where to next?

Bruce Jenner married his first wife and high school sweetheart Chrystie back in 1972. They had two children and during their marriage Bruce won Olympic Decathlon gold in 1976, becoming a national hero. They divorced publicly and apparently messily in 1981. Today she defends him against Kris Jenner and rumors that he might be a cross-dresser. Their daughter also says that she supports her father no matter what, which is remarkable indeed, because Bruce left her mother whilst still pregnant with her.

Chrystie Bruce's first wife

Chrystie Bruce’s first wife

In 1982 he married his second wife Linda, with whom he had two sons. They met before Bruce was divorced from his first wife and married not long after the divorce was finalized. They had two sons, but the marriage didn’t even last three years.

He was mostly an absent father and absent husband during that time, because of his various engagements to further his career on TV. But their split appears to have been on good terms and they continued to have a good relationship beyond their separation.

When Bruce married his third wife Kris his relationship to his children from his previous marriages mostly seemed to stagnate. His two sons with Linda later claimed that he didn’t pay child-support for them for nearly ten years and only later picked that up again.

Naturally they are now happy that he is divorcing from his third wife, because that allows Bruce to finally develop an adult relationship with them, something that had previously not been possible, despite their recent appearances on Keeping up with the Kardashians.

But unless you are a Kardashian, there really does not seem to be a keeping up with them. That is apparently true for Bruce as well as his other children, all of whom openly support their father post-Kris Jenner.

Especially since Bruce has come under some scrutiny for his apparent changing looks. Growing his hair out, Botox treatments, and a procedure to shave off some of his Adam’s apple all led to speculation that he was in the early stages of gender-reassignment surgery.

But that has been denounced as absurd and instead friends call it somewhat of an identity crisis, pointing out that Bruce has always been concerned with his looks and has had procedures done in the past. Apparently the Kardashians are not a fan of his ponytail and it will be addressed in the newest season of Keeping up with the Kardashians, which he is still a part of for now.

Given that Bruce does not seem to be a fan of the limelight anymore, which is perhaps one of the reasons that his marriage failed, one might wonder how the latest rumors of him dating Ronda Kamihira affect him. Right now they are just that, rumors. So is his ex-wife’s devastation that is also making the news on this story.

Simply because two people of the opposite sex are seen together does not mean that they are couple. Nothing has been confirmed at this time and Bruce Jenner may actually want to preserve some of his privacy. There is a chance that there’s absolutely nothing to this particular rumor and only time will tell the difference.


Bruce and his first wife Chrystie

Bruce and his first wife Chrystie

Bruce and his second wife Linda

Bruce and his second wife Linda

Bruce's first wife Chrystie

Bruce’s first wife Chrystie

Kris Bruce get cozy

Kris Bruce get cozy

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