It took the threat of divorce twice for Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus to work on their marriage

Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus have been together since 1991. In 25 years they were headed for divorce twice, but each time they found their way back to each other.

Billy Ray Cirus met future wife Tish in 1991. He reportedly had nothing back then and his big break was yet ahead of him. In 1992 he scored with his first album and the rest is, as they say, history.

Billy with wife Tish

Billy with wife Tish

In 1993 he married Tish. Their daughter Miley, who’s arguably a lot more famous than her dad, was born in 1992. That same year he also had a son with Kristin Luckey, but their relationship fell apart in favour of his relationship with Tish.

Cyrus stated that his wedding to Tish had been in secret. His wife-to-be had already been pregnant with their second child, who was born in 1994, but his record company had advised against the marriage. Billy Ray was, after all, more marketable as an attractive single rather than a married family man.

It doesn’t look as if his marital status ever encroached upon his sex-appeal, however. One can certainly describe Billy Ray as a ladies’ man, but whether or not he ever actually cheated on his wife, remains a point of contention.

When he first filed for divorce from Tish in 2010, he merely cited irreconcilable differences. He wanted shared custody for their still minor three children and their marital estate was to be divided equally. Apparently a ‘parenting plan’ was supposed to be approved and signed by both parties.

Billy with Tish & daughter Miley Cyrus

Billy with Tish & daughter Miley Cyrus

Whilst neither Billy Ray nor Tish went into details as to why they were separating, Billy Ray reportedly blamed the TV series Hannah Montana, which had mostly been Miley’s show and the source of her fame, though her father was on the show as well. Later he clarified that it hadn’t been the TV show but the resulting fame that had destroyed his family.

Whatever the case may be, Billy Ray and Tish reconciled. Five months after he initially filed for divorce, he was a guest on The View and confirmed there that he had dropped the divorce. Things were not only good, they were even better than they had ever been, including his relationship to Miley.

By June 2013, however, things were back off track. This time around it was Tish who filed for divorce. At the time it wasn’t clear how long the two had been separated or whether there had been a period of separation at all. Tish merely requested primary legal and physical custody for their only underage daughter Noah as well as spousal support and that her legal fees be covered.

Apparently a rift had become visible between the couple in the months leading up to the second divorce announcement, but it hadn’t been clear how the couple was truly going. Interestingly Miley had a go at her father on Twitter, challenging him to reveal the truth or she would do it for him. It sounded to just about everyone as if she was threatening to reveal that he had cheated on Tish.

The tweet disappeared within minutes and Miley claimed her Twitter was acting all crazy. That was just as well, because a month later Billy Ray and Tish once again called the divorce off.

This time they had attended couple’s therapy, which they credited with bringing them closer together and opening up their communication. Once again Billy Ray said that things were better than they had ever been before.

Now that the two have been married 23 years, it seems they may well be headed for another 23 years together. Billy Ray admits that it hadn’t always been easy and that the couple and the family had weathered more than one storm. But they have found twice before that they wanted to stay together and not divorce.

Perhaps they are indeed stronger now than they were before, even though it took the threat of divorce. Hopefully they’ll remember that if ever their relationship goes downhill again.


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