Has Bill Murray’s last divorce traumatized him into staying single forever?

Bill Murray’s rather ugly divorce from Jennifer Butler was finalized 7 years ago and he has not returned to seriously dating anyone yet.

Divorce finalized in June 2008

Bill Murray has been married twice and divorce twice. The first time he was married it was to Margaret Kelly in 1981. He had two sons with her, but they ended up divorcing, because Bill started an affair with Jennifer Butler, whom he met in 1988.

Bill Murray and Jennifer Butler at an Awards

Bill Murray and Jennifer Butler at an Awards

Whilst his first divorce was only finalized in 1996, Bill had long since separated from Margaret. His first son with Jennifer was born in 1993. Bill and Jennifer married just about as soon as his first divorce was finalized in 1997.

Bill and Jennifer had four sons together, the last one in 2001. With that many children in the mix one would think that the two very much loved each other. But Bill is despite his public eccentricities a private man. He rarely gives interviews and even rarer still on personal subjects.

Thus Jennifer’s claims of his abusive behaviour mixed with an alleged drug and alcohol addiction came as quite the shock to everyone when she filed for divorce in 2008. She also accused him to be a serial cheater.

She had allegedly been living in a separate home with their four sons since 2006. In 2007, she claims, there was a physical altercation in which he threatened her saying that she should be glad he didn’t kill her.

No charges were ever filed against Bill Murray, either by her or anyone else. Jennifer saw it fit to simply put all her accusations into her divorce filing and left things at that. But to what end? She did request a restraining order against him, but we don’t know that it was granted.

The divorce was finalized in June 2008. Jennifer received full physical custody of their four children. She was given two of their homes and Bill paid out a lump sum of $7 million as agreed in their prenup. He also agreed to pay child-support.

Bill never commented on the allegations made by her and Jennifer actually recanted. Bill received visitations rights with his sons and has said that they are all important to him and that he likes to spend time with them.

We know of precisely one instance where Bill Murray has cheated on a wife, it was Margaret he cheated on, with Jennifer. Beyond that he is not known for cavorting around and if he has done so, he was very discreet about it.

In fact, as far as we know Bill Murray hasn’t seriously dated anyone since his divorce. He did say in an interview that the divorce from Jennifer was one of the worst things that ever happened to him and that it saddened him deeply. The manner in which she filed would have to have been a shock to him, especially if none of her claims were actually true.

Bill himself said that he is not an alcoholic. He likes alcohol, but he says he doesn’t have a favourite drink, which might be his saving grace.

As of 2015 he is still single. We don’t know what happened to Jennifer, but she’s likely happy somewhere.

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Bill snapped with second wife Jennifer Butler

Bill snapped with second wife Jennifer Butler

Bill Murray and Jennifer Butler at an event

Bill Murray and Jennifer Butler at an event

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