Bam Margera has been engaged thrice, married twice and divorced once

After his first engagement to Jenn Revell failed, Bam Margera was engaged to Missy Rothstein, married her and eventually divorced. But finally he seems to have settled down with Nicole Boyd. The two have been married for over four years now and welcomed their first child last year.

His first engagement and a messy breakup

Jennifer Rivell-Bam Margera's first girlfriend

Jennifer Rivell-Bam Margera’s first girlfriend

When Bam Margera met Jenn Rivell, she was already divorced once and a mother. The two began their relationship around 1998 and were together for a number of years before finally becoming engaged.

But in 2005 the engagement and thus the relationship ended. It hasn’t been officially confirmed what led to the split, but if you want to watch his show Viva La Bam, you might find some clues there as Jenn appeared on a few episodes. Rumour has it he cheated on her.

It is therefore hardly surprising that the breakup was a messy one, because Bam was forced to take out a “Protection From Abuse” order after Rivell broke into his house. Bam jokingly (or not) revealed in an interview to Huck Magazine how he was apprehensive about ending things with Jenn fearing a violent reaction. However, Bam’s coping strategy of cheating on her with multiple women seems questionable to say the least.

Marrying his childhood friend

Missy Rothstein-Bam's first wife

Missy Rothstein-Bam’s first wife

Not someone to stay single for long, Bam eventually ended up in a relationship with Melissa “Missy” Rothstein, whom he has known since childhood. The two became engaged in 2006. Clearly Bam was not too hung up over his breakup even though his relationship to Jenn lasted seven years. He moved on rather quickly and Missy didn’t seem disturbed by that either.

In 2007 the two married in a massive ceremony surrounded by 350 of their “closest” friends and family. The events leading up to their marriage were chronicled in the MTV series Bam’s Unholy Union.

There are pictures of the couple where they appear to be quite happy, but it does not appear to have been a successful relationship for very long; an unholy union indeed. In 2009 Bam made news when he was hospitalized after a four-day drinking binge that left him severely dehydrated. The reason for his excessive drinking? He said he might be getting a divorce and that the booze would help.

Apparently the couple tried marriage counselling following this incident, but ultimately failed. In various interviews Bam has spoken about his failed marriage, hinting at struggles with depression and mood swings.

In 2010 Bam also mentioned in a Howard Stern interview that he and Missy were living in separate cities and that she knew about girlfriends he had in San Francisco and West Chester. If they had not been separated before that statement, they certainly were after.

A divorce followed by another marriage

Neither Bam nor Missy ever made an official statement about the reasons for their divorce, so it’s all guess work. Bam only married Missy after his first engagement to another woman failed; perhaps they would have been better off as friends.

Given that Bam apparently had two girlfriends, cheating may well be an explanation. Bam led a busy life and Missy was sitting at home by herself, giving him time to spend with many other people, among them likely women and Bam Margera certainly gives off more than a bit of a bad boy vibe.

Nicole & Bam with a cute pup!

Nicole & Bam with a cute pup!

In November 2012 the divorce was finalized, but no details are available. Since Bam Margera has been a brand long before the marriage, there may very well have been a pre-nup. But Missy Rothstein is also a relative nobody, which could mean that she may have received some kind of alimony.

Missy certainly seemed very happy to be divorced, tweeting about being free and celebrating with a divorce party. And Bam must have been just about ready as well, though he did not publicly comment on it.

Considering, however, that he married Nicole Boyd less than a year following the divorce, we don’t need to make guesses about him being ready to move on. They exchanged vows very publicly at a concert in Reykjavik in 2013, where Bam performed with his band.

Not much is known about Nicole. On Twitter she describes herself as a model, photographer and graphic artist.

Looking at her as well as Jenn and Missy, it does become rather obvious that Bam has a type. All three women are pretty brunettes that you could almost exchange for one another, at least where looks are concerned.

Becoming a father

For now it would appear that his second marriage is happier than the first one was. Where his first marriage was pretty much over by its third year, Nicole and

have now been happy together for more than four years.

Indeed, the pair announced earlier last year that they were expecting their first child together and soon thereafter revealed that their son would be named Phoenix Wolf.

The boy was born just before Christmas Eve 2017 and everyone involved is happy and healthy. That’s great news indeed, because Bam did struggle with alcohol abuse in the past and perhaps fatherhood will do him some good.


Porcelain Black and Bam pose at Charlotte Ronson Spring 2012 fashion show

Porcelain Black and Bam pose at Charlotte Ronson Spring 2012 fashion show

Nicole Boyd Bam's present wife

Nicole Boyd Bam’s present wife

Missy Rothstein Bam's ex wife

Missy Rothstein Bam’s ex wife

Nicole & Bam strike a hot pose

Nicole & Bam strike a hot pose

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