Anthony Zuiker lost half his fortune in the divorce from ex-wife Jennifer

Summary: Anthony Zuiker, CSI creator, married his wife in 1999 and had three sons with her. Their union ended in a lengthy, acrimonious and costly divorce in 2014.
Divorce finalized in 2014

When Anthony Zuiker married his first wife Jennifer in 1999, he probably didn’t anticipate that his upcoming new TV series would become somewhat of a global phenomenon. The first CSI series hit the screens in 2000 and inspired the creation of three more shows. Whilst all of them have now either run their course or were cancelled, the four shows have generated over $6 billion.

Anthony Zuiker with first wife Jennifer

Anthony Zuiker with first wife Jennifer

Anthony had three sons with Jennifer, but in 2011 Jennifer filed for divorce. She cited irreconcilable differences as the reason and we never really did learn any of the details of their split. Jennifer requested spousal and child support as well as full custody of the three boys.

In 2012 it came to light that the divorce was apparently quite contentious. Anthony had shut down her black American Express card, trying to curb her spending. Credit card bills had been running up to $40K to $60K every month. Apparently he was of the opinion that she didn’t need more than $158K per month, but instead she received as much as $443K, which she was not satisfied with.

Anthony was not willing to give Jennifer any more than she needed and thus only left her with a credit card that would have maxed out at £25K monthly. Let’s not talk about the fact that some people earn that much in a year.

He also requested joint custody of their sons.

In December 2012 it was reported that the divorce was official, however, the financial settlement hadn’t been decided yet. At the time it was reported that Anthony had wanted a speedy divorce in order to be free to remarry. He had been dating Michelle Territo at the time and was said to be keen on marrying her. Whilst there have been no actual news of the couple’s marriage, Anthony is said to have married Michelle in 2013.

Michelle Territo Anthony's second wife

Michelle Territo Anthony’s second wife

Meanwhile the financial details of his divorce from Jennifer had yet to be settled. In September 2014 news emerged that the worst-case-scenario for Anthony had become reality. He and Jennifer hadn’t signed a pre-nup when they were married. No surprise there, because Anthony had hardly been successful then.

But when it came time to finalize his divorce, it was estimated that Anthony was worth about $100 million. We later learned that Jennifer was set to receive half of everything Anthony owns.


That included income generated from all four CSI series, though not from any future ventures he might embark on. Additionally Jennifer received $10,000 in monthly child support, a reimbursement for a deposit made for a vacation on a private island and she was allowed to keep all her designer clothes and accessories.

Outside of that Jennifer did not receive any further spousal support. Her monthly earnings from the CSI franchise made that unnecessary.

And that was the end of that marriage. Anthony seems to have moved on quite happily and Jennifer is probably not too disappointed with the outcome of the financial settlement either.


Michelle and Anthony look happy

Michelle and Anthony look happy


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