Anthony Anderson may be ready to move on after his 20-year marriage ends

Anthony Anderson’s wife filed for divorce after 20 years of marriage, though the couple has been separated since April 2014. Is he ready to move on?

If you ask Ellen DeGeneres, Anthony Anderson should be dating his Blackish co-star Tracee Ellis Ross, daughter of Diana Ross.

Tracee Ellis Ross-Anthony's first wife

Tracee Ellis Ross-Anthony’s first wife

If you ask Tracee, she would probably decline that. Though Anthony might be up for it, having said in the past that he likes his co-star, who is also his wife on the TV show.

In real life both of them are single these days and apparently Anthony has been very much flying solo since the 1st April 2014. That’s the date his estranged wife gave as their separation date when she filed for divorce last September.

That means it took her nearly a year and a half to file for divorce after the separation. Why was that? Was there hope of reconciliation? It seems unlikely, because the last time Anthony and his estranged wife Alvina were photographed together was in February 2014. Anthony hadn’t even started working on Blackish then, the show that has made him a household name, even though he’s been an actor for many years now.

Alvina Stewart-Anthony's second wife

Alvina Stewart-Anthony’s second wife

Perhaps Alvina was simply not ready to file for divorce. She and Anthony are said to have been high school sweethearts, who married in 1995. It’s difficult to let go of a relationship after so many years. And perhaps she did hope that there would be reconciliation.

But Anthony has become ever more busy since his popular show has started to air, which likely means less time for his estranged wife.

In the end Alvina pulled the plug and filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. She requested spousal support, as well as joint legal custody for the couple’s underage son and primary physical custody of the boy. Their adult daughter can be taken out of the custody equation.

As far as we know Anthony didn’t file in response. Since the news have largely been quiet on the matter, we can assume lawyers are currently sussing out the divorce details. But Anthony is very much single and he has reportedly voiced his appreciation of his co-star Tracee Ross. Whilst he is not known to be dating anyone officially, he does seem to be ready to get back into the dating game.

His divorce is likely done and dusted sooner rather than later and it may well be that it’s settled without anyone hearing about it officially. In an amicable divorce it usually takes little more than the prescribed six months before everything is settled. When money is involved, as is the case here, it may take a little longer.

We find it unlikely that Anthony and Tracee are going to hit it off off-screen as well, but we’ve been wrong with other couples before and who knows what the future holds anyway?


Anthony & Alvina with kids

Anthony & Alvina with kids

Alvina and Anthony at a red carpet event

Alvina and Anthony at a red carpet event

Anthony and Tracee snapped at an Awards

Anthony and Tracee snapped at an Awards

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