Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa still love each other – even after their divorce is finalized

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa never had a conventional relationship. They did go the conventional route by marrying, but only a year after the wedding Amber filed for divorce, which has now been finalized.

Divorce finalized June 2016

Wiz and Amber at an event

Wiz and Amber at an event

To call Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa eccentric might be an understatement. They certainly each have a unique style, aren’t exactly shy and seemed oddly well suited to each other when they first started dating in 2011.

Whilst they were always quite obviously in love, packing on the PDA whenever they were out and about together, it seemed almost surprising that they would go for such a traditional thing as marriage. But, indeed, in 2012 Wiz proposed and Amber accepted.

They were married in July 2013, five months after their son was born.

Both Amber and Wiz liked to gush about each other and seemed very much in love, but in September 2014 Amber filed for divorce, citing the ever handy irreconcilable differences. Not long after that the rumour mill went wild.

Apparently Amber had found Wiz with another woman in the middle of the night when she went over to his new house, where he had moved in after the couple had apparently called it quits. Needless to say that nobody seemed to know about the split beside Amber and Wiz. Whilst Amber claimed that Wiz had been cheating on her, Wiz apparently said that given that they had split two weeks prior to her “catching” him with another woman, it didn’t actually count as cheating.

Amber, however, was livid. So livid, in fact, that she requested full custody of their son Sebastian.

Wiz ended up filing his own divorce documents, where he requested joint legal and physical custody of their son. Fair enough.

For a while the exes weren’t on good terms at all. They each accused the other of cheating and each very much denied it.

Amber and Wiz with son Sebastian

Amber and Wiz with son Sebastian

In 2015 there were a bunch of rumours that the two were getting back together, perhaps even calling the divorce off. Whilst they somehow managed to put aside their differences and indeed appeared in public together once more, the divorce was not put on hold, though it’s difficult to say if they did get together for a time. As far as anyone knows they never officially tried to reconcile.

Following those rumours they were each linked to different people, dating others with a frequency that most people change their jeans in. In other words, neither of them started anything serious with someone else, but they also weren’t seeing each other romantically.

They did commit to being co-parents, however, and they seem very committed to being friends as well.

Only a few days ago their divorce was finalized and it essentially followed the prenup, which granted Amber a $1 million payout from Wiz as well as child support for Sebastian. Wiz keeps a house and pretty much all cars (10 of them). They also share joint legal and physical custody.

To celebrate their friendship the two went to a strip club following their divorce. Both are reportedly happy with the result of the settlement and Amber tweeted that she would always love her ex. Not long ago she confessed that Wiz was the only man she ever truly loved, but that they were better off as friends, because they were unable to make their relationship work.

They are both still young and Wiz is the younger of the two. Perhaps in a few years time, when they’ve matured some more, there is a way for them to be together again. Stranger things have happened. In the meantime they happily continue to co-parent as friends and we’re just glad that they managed to work things out amicably.


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