Another food network marriage bites the dust – the divorce of Alton Brown from wife DeAnna

The Real Housewives are getting competition in the divorce realm. Food network hosts divorce left, right and centre – now it was Alton Brown’s turn.

Divorce finalized May 20th 2015

Alton Brown prefers to keep his private life private. Sometime around June last year he filed for divorce from wife DeAnna. Why? Nobody really knows, but apparently he was simply unhappy. He is not likely to tell you.

Alton and DeAnna dayout

Alton and DeAnna dayout

We don’t even know how long the two have been married, but at an estimate longer than 17 years, because their daughter is 16 now. But a wedding date is not known or how long Alton and DeAnna have known each other before getting married.

Alton has been doing food related shows since 1998 and has been on the Food Network since 1999. Which means he’s been a busy man for most of his marriage. The more prominent he has become, the busier he became. It’s no doubt a vicious cycle.

But it also means that his wife would have to have been used to his absence. And they did make time enough for each other to have a daughter.

Yet this is where it ends. The two filed for divorce, perhaps there was a prenup, perhaps there wasn’t. No allegations of cheating were made and by all accounts the divorce was amicable and a long time coming.

If you were to ask Alton about it, he would likely turn his back on you. It’s simply not a question to ask him. Or anyone, for that matter. Divorces are painful enough and are usually not the business of complete strangers. But we talk about them anyway, especially when celebrities are involved.

His divorce is the third Food Network divorce we are writing about, though his is the only one settled without issue. Bobby Flay’ and Giada De Laurentiis’ marriages have both been finalized after that of Alton and neither was exactly amicable. Both faced cheating allegations, though only those made by Stephanie March against ex-husband Bobby Flay are somewhat believable.

Whilst all three are hosts of cooking shows, they’re also all very well versed in all matters of food and each of them is a chef in their own right, though Alton does not officially carry that title. It is true, apparently, that chefs have a rather high divorce rate – over 20%, if not higher.

So perhaps that’s one of the reasons that so many celebrity chefs have been divorcing this year. The question of course is: who’s next?


DeAnna and Alton say cheese

DeAnna and Alton say cheese

DeAnna Alton's pretty wife

DeAnna Alton’s pretty wife

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