Jennifer Stano and Alki David are apparently no longer together but not yet divorced

Jennifer Stano became Alki David’s third wife in 2011. The Greek billionaire had only been divorced the previous year and already had two sons. During the last few years the two have done much to gain media attention, yet nobody seems to know what the current status of their relationship is.

Twice married Alki David

Jennifer Stano Alkiviades David's first wife

Jennifer Stano Alkiviades David’s first wife

Alkiviades David, now 50, is an eccentric figure such as no writer could possibly invent him. Heir to the Leventis-David family, who own Coca-Cola Hellenic bottling plants in 28 countries, is a billionaire who hasn’t left out much in his life. He grew up in multiple countries around Europe, spending much time in England and Switzerland. He launched production and streaming companies in his time and appeared in movies such as “The Bank Job” alongside Jason Statham. He’s also been in trouble with the law on various occasions.

It’s not entirely clear who his first wife is or how long they were married. We do know that he shares sons Andrew and Alexander with her. And by 2004 he was already with Emma McAllister, whom he married in 2004. With her, he had no children and the brief marriage was over in 2009 when they separated and divorced in 2010.

Jen and Alki

It seems reasonable to assume that his relationship to Jennifer Stano is the reason for his divorce. We don’t know when those two met, but they married in 2011. Jennifer is a former model and a swimsuit designer. She founded her company, Have Faith Swimwear, with a friend in 2010, though nowadays the venture seems to have died.

Leyla Milani Alkiviades' current flame

Leyla Milani Alkiviades’ current flame

Jennifer also shares two young sons with Alki.

Where Alki appears to be the quintessential eccentric billionaire, Jennifer is very much the clichéd trophy wife. Her swimwear venture failed, and she has not attempted anything else since. Instead, she’s accumulated a following on Instagram and was the mother of their sons. Occasionally she tried to get on reality TV, interviewing for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and being

considered for a show about, yes indeed, trophy wives.

On the outside, it appears the two have done an awful lot to get their faces in the media, on reality TV and broadcasting their lives on social media. That resulted in some fans and observers to become overly interested in them on forums and various blogs. As such, it is possible to find all kinds of rumours about the odd couple in the blogosphere.

What’s with Danielle?

One of those rumours concerns a ‘friend’ or possibly and employee named Danielle. It has been suggested that Alki and Jennifer both had illicit affairs with Danielle in a ménage a trois, if you will. Oddly, Jennifer and Alki found it necessary to release a public statement, denying anything untoward and instead calling Danielle a dear friend and nothing else. The statement only furthered the rumours that there was indeed some truth to the affair.

Most celebrity couple would likely have chosen to either say nothing at all or release some generic statement by their publicists.

We don’t know what the truth is because there’s just too little information available. But it is a strange anecdote.

No longer together on social media

There have been suggestions of divorce around the Internet. In their statement denying an affair with Danielle, the two strongly deny that their union is in trouble. The two have been together for seven years at the time (indeed suggesting that she was the reason for his second divorce) and that their relationship was as strong as always and would continue to be strong.

Jennifer and Alkiviades look stunning

Jennifer and Alkiviades look stunning

Yet the stories of trouble persisted. There are rumours that Alki doesn’t treat Jennifer well and that he has posted lewd and even what some called ‘disgusting’ pictures of her around the Internet.

As it stands, despite their assurances, Jennifer and Alki don’t seem to be together on social media any more. Alki cannot be found on Jennifer’s Instagram at all and Alki has recently been posting pictures of a woman named Leyla, who appears to be his current love interest.

There has been no official word about a divorce. Should the couple indeed have separated and will be divorcing, we’re only likely to find out whenever Alki decides he wants to get married again and this time his future wife could be called Leyla.

Whilst he seems to be turning from one woman to the next without much of a break in between, it baffles us that he always seems to feel a need to marry the new woman right away. Clearly, he has no problem of being considered a three-time divorcee. And the women he chooses don’t seem to be bothered by that either. That’s not what we’d consider happiness, at least not the kind that lasts, but good luck to them.


Jennifer and Alkiviades pose

Jennifer and Alkiviades pose

It's beach time for Jennifer and Alkiviades!

It’s beach time for Jennifer and Alkiviades!


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