Alex Jones lost primary custody after ugly divorce proceedings

Conspiracy theorist and so-called newscaster Alex Jones lost primary custody for his three children two years after his divorce from their mother. Kelly Jones sued for primary custody after he alienated their children from her. Neither got what they wanted, but perhaps it’s better for their children.

12 years of marriage

Considering the contentious divorce and custody battle that Alex and his ex-wife Kelly Jones went through, it’s quite the mystery how Kelly managed to stay married to him for 12 years.

Kelly Jones Alex Jones' ex-wife

Kelly Jones Alex Jones’ ex-wife

The two were married in 2003, though they’d been together for a few years by then. There must have been love between the two at some point and it must have been there for long enough to have three children together. But there was doubt as well.

When Kelly joined their neighbours in a candlelight vigil on September 11, 2001, Alex ranted on about conspiracy theories right away. Kelly said many years later that she found that disturbing. Still, she married him.

And then they had three children together, a boy and two girls.

In 2015 Kelly had enough and filed for divorce, which was granted soon enough. Unfortunately for her, primary custody went to Alex. Why that would have been the case is somewhat unclear. The divorce case was sealed and no details emerged until Kelly sued for primary custody of her children in 2017.

Suing for custody

From what we learned about the custody battle, Kelly has been going after her ex-husband throughout the past two years. She had multiple lawyers and law firms file various motions against Alex throughout those two years, burning her way through over $2.2 million in the process.

She’s filed restrainings order against Alex, requested more time with her children and a number of other things, all of which make it quite obvious that she was not happy with the outcome of her divorce and that things were not well with whatever custody agreement the two had arrived at.

The three children were living with Alex after the divorce and he has had his son on his show on numerous occasions.

Kelly considered him an unfit parent and in her suit for custody wanted to prove that his onscreen InfoWars persona was not an act but his real-life character as well. She also accused him of having alienated their children from her, rallying them against her in the process.

All kinds of allegations against Alex Jones

The custody trial took place in April 2017. Both parties showed up with a number of lawyers on their side and plenty of allegations and accusations in their pockets. Both parties sought to undermine each other as fit parents, making various claims to that effect and calling a number of witnesses to the stand.

The allegations against Alex Jones were a lot more serious than what was said about Kelly, however. Alex, for instance, was accused of being a conspiracy theorist that doesn’t just play a character but brings his violent outbursts and rants home as well. Kelly called him “disturbed” and “unhappy” and feared he would influence their children negatively.

Some of his InfoWars outbursts were used as evidence for his instability, where he once threatened to kill Alec Baldwin and hoped for Jennifer Lopez to be gang-raped.

A case manager for their divorce case, who had handled the custody issues, testified that Alex had been diagnosed by a therapist as a man with a narcissistic personality disorder, meaning he has an inflated sense of self and lacks empathy among other things.

Alex Jones did not appear perturbed by having this diagnosis made public, which was reported on by various journalists who covered the trial.

Another point that was discussed was Alex’ own claim that he had had sex with 150 women by the time he was 16. The main question asked by his ex-wife’s lawyers was what kind of example he would set for his son with such claims.

Kelly Jones also had to answer to allegations of being an unfit parent. She was accused of being paranoid because she believed that the court, caseworkers, therapists and lawyers were all biased against her. She did admit that she felt that way, but not that she thought they had been corrupted in any way. It was apparently more a matter of them siding more readily with Alex against her, instead of believing her claims and having her reunited with their children.

The jury decides

The judge had to call the proceedings to order on multiple occasions. Both sets of lawyers caused scenes every once in a while and Alex Jones went so far as to sabotage his own lawyers by going against their claims that his InfoWars persona was merely an act.

He very much confirmed that he was not fake and stood behind all his beliefs 110%.

The judge did not want to make the trial about the show either. She stated on multiple occasions that the custody trial would not merely rest on the shoulders of the things that have happened on air. Her courtroom was not to be turned into a stage.

Ultimately it was the jury that decided. Apparently, the jury did not consider either Alex or Kelly an unfit parent and deliberated extensively on the case. It took them a while to arrive at their decision, but they awarded the estranged parents joint custody and Kelly received the right to decide where the children should live.

Naturally, she wanted them to live with her, but as far as we know they did not move in with her right away and Alex was considering filing a motion against the decision.

In the meantime, Alex did not only remarry, apparently a former escort and yoga instructor, but he and his new wife also became parents again.

Kelly, who has been hoping to be reunited with her children, was considering writing a book about her experiences and thereby bringing awareness to what she calls “parental alienation syndrome”.


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