Albano Carissi and Romina Power – An Italian love story that ended in tragedy and divorce

Albano Carissi and Romina Power were married for nearly 30 years. Their love story seemed to last forever, but the tragedy of losing their eldest daughter split them apart.

Divorce finalized in 1999

One wonders if Albano Carissi and Romina Power would still be married, if their eldest daughter Ylenia would not have gone missing.

Romina and Albano say cheese

Romina and Albano say cheese

As it was, their love story was rated iconic not just in Italy, where Albano came from and the couple lived during their marriage. They were an unlikely couple when they first met in 1967. Despite a nine-year age gap the two fell in love quickly and although Romina’s family was against the union, the two married in 1970 anyway.

They became a musical sensation in many parts of the world and ended up being far more successful abroad than back at home in Italy. Here they lived and raised their four children together. Here they would have retired and perhaps even lived happily ever after. Some say that the union had been flailing even at the beginning of the 90’s, but we won’t hear so from the two of them.

As it was, Ylenia Carissi went missing early in 1994. She had been in New Orleans for some research and is said to have been hanging out with some dubious characters. Theories of her vanishing range from her throwing herself into the Mississippi in a drug-fuelled incident or getting abducted by dealers to her simply having gone off-grid.

Whilst Romina still believes that her daughter may be found, Albano requested a death certificate for his daughter in 2014.

There were reports in 2011 that Ylenia had been located in a monastery in the States, but those reports could not be confirmed and Albano believes that his daughter indeed drowned in the Mississippi.

Loredana Lecciso Albano's current dating partner

Loredana Lecciso Albano’s current dating partner

It is widely believed that the tragedy of losing their daughter, whatever the truth may be, and the search for her, caused a strain on Romina’s marriage to Albano that it ultimately didn’t survive. Their opinions as to what happened to their daughter are obviously very different and whilst he seems to have given up and moved on, Romina was unable to do so.

In 1999 their marriage came to an end through a divorce, which is said to have been rather acrimonious. Since that was nearly 17 years ago, we don’t really know any details of their divorce or what the couple might have fought about.

Albano moved on. He began dating Loredana Lecciso, who is 20 years young than him, and had two more children with her. Last we heard they are still a couple, but have not actually married.

Romina apparently lives mainly back in the USA these days. She is also not remarried and we don’t even know, if she is dating anyone.

For a time last year there were rumours or her and Albano rekindling their romance. They only reunited professionally, however, giving a number of concerts starting in Russia. Whilst they were wildly successful with their musical reunion, behind the scenes they were cordial at best.

Clearly both saw merit in giving a revival of their greatest hits, but a romantic reunion seems highly unlikely these days.


Romina and Albano share a laugh

Romina and Albano look so made for each other

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