Al Gore Separated from Wife Mary Elizabeth Tipper Aitcheson, Not Divorced Yet!

Could the 2000 election loss have impacted what was seemingly a loving marriage? America’s favorite political couple part ways after forty years.

Al Gore with wife Tipper

Al Gore with wife Tipper

In 2010, when Nobel Laureate and ex Vice-President of USA, Al Gore and his wife of almost forty years, Mary Elizabeth “Tipper” Aitcheson announced to their friends that they were separating in a mutual decision, the world was shocked and disappointed at the sudden turn of events. The Gores were America’s favorite political couple, in stark contrast to their country’s ‘First Couple’ the Clintons.

Al Gore and Tipper’s story is a classic childhood sweetheart story about two young things attending the same school and falling in love. The story continues with the girl following the boy to study in the same college. The story ends inevitably, as all good love stories end, with the pair getting married after Tipper graduates from college, in 1970. But, unfortunately, real life stories continue even after the part where they get married and they don’t inevitably follow the ‘happily ever after’ tagline of a good old love story or fairy tale!

Al and Tipper went on to have and bring up four children daughters, Karenna, Kristin, Sarah LaFon and son Albert Gore III.

The couple was outwardly very much in love and even friends believed that they were meant for each other and destined to be together. So, what really happened to the couple and why did they take the step to separate? While that is something everyone wants to know, in the absence of a real reason people have come up with various imaginative theories!

Though it’s true that the Gores presented the image of a devoted and loving couple to the public, in a 2002 television interview, Al Gore had revealed that the couple had had faced trouble in their marriage which they had gone on to overcome . So, it is probable that Al Gore and his wife had been struggling with their marriage during that time and later.

Al Gore with Tipper and children Karenna, Kristin, Sarah and son Albert

Al Gore with Tipper and children Karenna, Kristin, Sarah and son Albert

The most popular theory is that the Democrat Party’s choice, Al Gore’s, stunning loss of the 2000 US presidential election despite bagging the popular vote, badly affected the couple and especially Al Gore in many ways. Al Gore turned to new ventures after his loss and never pursued the Political game with the same interest, ever again. His marriage might be also termed as collateral damage. In 1989, another event happened in the young Gores’ lives; their six year old son was involved in a horrific accident in a life turning moment for Al.

There has been the usual theory about infidelity on the part of either. In 2011, news reports surfaced about Al Gore being accused, of ‘unwanted contact’ with a masseuse, in 2006. And shortly thereafter, the Gores separated. Though, friends have dismissed this report, was this proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back?

Al Gore’s separation from his wife Tipper might be just a case of two people who drift apart in time and despite being friends and fond of each other, no longer love each other. Their interests and priorities probably weren’t in tandem anymore and the individual wants became their focus, now that their kids had grown up.

Al Gore and his Tipper continue to remain friends and meet up as a family with their children. They have moved on in their romantic lives too. By 2012,  Al Gore was in a relationship with activist Elizabeth Keadlewho had been married previously to biotech entrepreneur Lyle Turner, founder and CEO of Invitrogen Corp. which developed genetic-research kits. Tipper too, in recent times has been linked to the former National Geographic editor Bill Allen.


Former 'National Geographic' editor Bill Allen

Former ‘National Geographic’ editor Bill Allen

Al and his girlfriend activist Elizabeth Keadle

Al and his girlfriend activist Elizabeth Keadle

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