7 Mistakes you’re making in your Relationship

Many people keep making the same mistakes that cause their relationships to fail. Here are 7 common mistakes you should never make in your relationship

Though a perfect relationship isn’t the key to achieving happiness, it’s definitely a major part of it. Moreover, most psychiatrists and marriage counselors agree that a healthy relationship tends to improve a person’s general outlook on life as well. On the other hand, a difficult relationship can leave behind painful memories that even time cannot fully erase.

Regardless of whether you’ve just started dating or have been married for 20 years, a relationship is no piece of cake. Unfortunately, many people keep making the same mistakes ad nauseam that cause their relationships to fail. Here are 7 common mistakes you should never make in your relationship.

1. Taking things for Granted

Many relationships begin their gradual decay the moment people stop consciously trying to make their respective partners happy. If you’re one of the lucky few that have stumbled upon the realization that relationships at any stage require a considerable amount of time and effort, then yours will probably much longer than it would have otherwise. So, the next time you’re feeling reluctant to do something nice for your loved one, try visualizing what your life would be like without having him/her around.

2. Trying to Change your Partner

After the initial honeymoon phase wears off, many people become more controlling and try to get their partners to change for them.  To state the obvious, this will cause your partner to feel you don’t really value him/her for who he/she really is. While it’s important to be open about issues you’re having with the person you’re dating, trying to mould your partner’s personality is more likely to end your relationship than fix it.

3. Selfish Behavior

This is one of the most commonly cited reasons for a failed relationship. Usually, selfish tendencies manifest in subtle ways but they eventually drive people apart. Remember that time when you made plans without asking your significant other if he/she was free? Or the time you casually avoided your partner when he/she was depressed because you were busy with work?

4. Keeping Secrets

Many couples are reluctant to open up to each other about things past especially when it comes to things like past relationships, emotional trauma, and finances. This kind of behavior might prompt your partner to think that you don’t really trust him/her.  Trust is the core foundation of any healthy relationship. Keeping too many things hidden from the person you’re dating might cause to two of you to grow distant from each other which is often the death knell for many relationships.

5. Crossing Boundaries

As important as it is to avoid keeping too many secrets from your partner, it’s equally important to respect one’s boundaries and personal space. Insecure and jealous behavior is a major turn-off for both sexes.  Many insecure men and women make the mistake of hounding their partner about whom they’re going to meet or whether they’re still in touch with their ex. Unfortunately, this sort of behavior will prove to be counterproductive in most cases.

6. Unreasonably High Expectations

Contrary to what you might think after you’ve been together for a while, your partner’s sole purpose in life is not to make you happy. If you’re disappointed that your significant other isn’t eagerly waiting for you to come home so you can talk about what a shitty day you had, then perhaps you should stop being so self-centered and begin some self introspection. Maybe you could be a little bit more understanding?

7. Lack of Emotional Support

Everybody goes through a rough patch some time or the other whether it’s caused by losing a parent or getting fired from a job. During these moments of adversity, having someone to depend on for love and emotional strength can make a world of difference. Many people make the mistake of prioritizing their own personal troubles before they think about their partner. If your loved one is going through a trying time, look past your own issues and just be there for him/her.

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