5 Ways to Keep your Woman Happy

A lot of men like to complain about how unpredictable women are and that attempting to understand the female mind is an exercise in futility. However, contrary to popular belief, it’s the men who keep repeating the same mistakes when it comes to women. For those of you who just can’t figure out what you should be doing to please your woman, here are five time-tested and proven ways:-

1. Spend Time with Her

Most men tend to grow complacent after dating for a few months and tend to take things for granted. Suddenly, spending time with your partner isn’t as interesting as hanging out with your friends or pursuing your hobbies.  While it’s completely understandable and fairly normal that you might not want to spend all day with your woman like you used to initially, it would still mean a lot to her if you set aside some time everyday for just the two of you.

2. Pay Compliments

Men tend to shower women with compliments on their first date but the compliments become consistently less frequent with the duration of the relationship.  Your partner probably spends takes a lot of trouble to look her best for you. A choice compliment from you would really brighten her day. More importantly, it will let her know that you that no matter how long you’ve been together, you still value her just as much.

3. Tickle her Funny Bone

The saying that the surest way to a woman’s heart is by making her laugh is just a tad short of a universal truth. Having a sense of humor is a major asset for any guy to have. There are few things that can catch a woman off-guard like spontaneous laughter especially if she’s going through a stressful time. Even if you’re not the next Robin Williams, women really do appreciate men with a quick wit.

4. Pay Attention

A fair number of men like to complain about how women keep talking non-stop. However, that’s closer to a sexist generalization of women than the truth. When your wife or girlfriend is talking to you, take the trouble to actually listen to her so that conversation is a two-way exchange.  Don’t be naïve enough to think your woman doesn’t notice when you mentally switch off while she’s talking. Pretending to listen will definitely leave her with the impression that you don’t value her opinion.

5. Be Supportive

It may be stating the obvious, but you need to be there for your woman whenever she’s going through a stressful or emotionally trying time even if she isn’t reaching out to you for help. She might not expect you to come up with a solution or even want your opinion about what she should do. But more importantly, she will appreciate the fact that you’re by her side when she needs you the most.

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