Wayne and Michelle Coyne have been trying to divorce their common-law marriage for 2 years now

Who would have thought that divorcing a common-law marriage would be so complicated? Wayne and Michelle Coyne have been battling each other for nearly 3 years.

It’s a fact that Wayne and Michelle Coyne started dating in the late 80s. But that seems to be about as much as they are able to agree on. According to Michelle the two have been in a common-law marriage since February 1989. According to him, however, they only entered to common-law marriage in 2004.

Michelle Coyne and Wayne Coyne pose for a photoshoot

For better or worse they have been together for about 25 years.

Michelle separated from Wayne in 2012. Apparently nobody was surprised by her move, because the couple has had troubles for a number of years. By all accounts this seems to be entirely on Wayne, who can be said to be suffering from a full-blown mid-life crisis.

His cheating appears to have prompted her decision to leave him and when he was still with the same young girl, who was in her early twenties in 2013, Michelle finally filed for divorce on the grounds on “irreconcilable incompatibility”. That’s apparently a thing in Oklahoma, where she filed.

She filed for divorce, because she wants half of everything they own together, including real and intellectual property. She also requested temporary and permanent spousal support, which should reflect the lifestyle she has become accustomed to.

Michelle Coyne and Wayne Coyne at an event

In response Wayne said that not only began their common-law marriage much later, but that he was also unwilling to pay permanent spousal support. Though he did seem willing to pay reasonable temporary spousal support.

It was then that Michelle added adultery to her filing for divorce. It was the main reason that she filed to begin with and that fact alone should support her claims.

Wayne hit back and wanted the adultery claims stricken from the record. Whilst he didn’t deny adultery, Oklahoma is a no-fault divorce state, which means adultery is irrelevant in the divorce.

That was two years ago and the divorce has still not been settled.

Recently the two were fighting over a London houseboat that Michelle wanted to live on once upon a time, but it had since been sold and they were arguing over splitting the proceeds from the sale.

Most secular or religious marriages don’t take that long to be divorced. Michelle has apparently been fighting tooth and nail and it seems little wonder. Wayne’s behaviour, which has become increasingly more erratic in recent years, must have really hurt her.

We can only be thankful that no children are involved in this drawn-out battle. Hopefully they’ll sort themselves out sooner rather than later, though, it would make it easier for Michelle to finally move on. Something her estranged husband clearly had no problems with.

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Michelle Coyne and Wayne Coyne snapped at an event

Michelle Coyne and Wayne Coyne posing

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