A year after the fact Vicki Gunvalson had second thoughts about her divorce from Donn

Vicki Gunvalson’s divorce was only settled in 2014 even though she split from her husband in 2010. Last year she expressed regrets over the divorce, however.

Divorce finalized January 2014

Vicki and Donn Gunvalson were married for 16 years before their marriage fell apart in 2010. At the time their split was announced, the two still lived together and it was not entirely clear that the couple was headed for divorce any time soon.

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It’s been said that Vicki first filed for divorce in 2010 and Donn later confirmed that he had been served with divorce documents that year, though he claimed to have been surprised by it. In fact, he said he was even a little shocked at being served with divorce documents. He felt that his dignity had been hurt and that their marriage had also not been treated in a dignified way.

Donn called the divorce an orchestrated affair by Vicki. But Vicki said that Donn never fought for her or their marriage, never tried to get her back. She did blame their appearance on the Real Housewives of Orange County for the demise of their marriage. Vicki said that both she and Donn had willingly participated in the show and that it brought them quite a few advantages, but the downside was that it put a lot of undue stress on a weak marriage.

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It was not so much the lack of love that broke the couple apart, but apparently their inability to cope with having their private lives so publicly examined on the reality TV show. Given that they were on the show for nearly a decade, one wonders why they didn’t give priority to an ailing marriage and got out when they could.

Vicki didn’t even seem to consider that and apparently neither did Donn. They essentially let their marriage go down the drain. Both of them.

Their divorce was only finalized in January 2014. It’s been said that they both filed for divorce in 2013. It’s not clear what happened to the first filing, though. It would appear that the divorce was settled amicably and their assets were split in half. Each of them received a fair amount of their joint assets, including homes, cars and bank accounts. A few things were sold and they split the money in half.

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The two did not have children together, despite being married for nearly 20 years. Vicki had two children from a previous marriage, which lasted only eight years. Perhaps it wasn’t meant to last, because she had known Donn since she had been 21, though it took them until she turned 32 to get married.

After the break-up of her marriage Vicki dated Brooks Ayers for a while, a relationship that was also showcased on RHOC. It did not end well and seemed to have been somewhat ill-fated all along. After that relationship ended Vicki seemed to have reminisced on her marriage to Donn and how she would not divorce him again, if she had another chance. She even expressed some hope of reconciliation, but also acknowledged that Donn may have been hurt too deeply.

These days Vicki is dating someone new, but it’s not clear how serious things are. At best she can hope to find love again with a new man and keep things amicable with Donn.

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