What rumor may have caused Troy Aikman’s 10-year marriage to Rhonda Worthey to end in divorce?

Troy Aikman divorced Rhonda Aikman quietly after 10 years of marriage. But what led to the split and what about those rumors that he is gay or bisexual? Divorce finalized April 2011

Troy Aikman married his ex-wife Rhonda just after he ended his incredibly successful NFL career due to various injuries. It was his first marriage and remains his only marriage. Rhonda had been married once before and brought a daughter with her into the new relationship.

Rhonda Aikman and Troy Aikman all smiles

Troy and Rhonda ended up having daughters during their marriage.

It would seem that they led a fairly private life, not one that was much talked about even though Troy has always been quite a public figure. Whilst he had to end his NFL career, he was still very much involved in the sport, working as a lead announcer for Fox’s NFC telecast.

Whatever Troy does, he seems to do it successfully, at least where his career is concerned. The NFL will certainly always be a part of his life.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for his ex-wife Rhonda. His marriage failed and nobody really knows why. When they announced their split in January 2011, it was said that they had already been separated for a few months and had been working on dividing their property. They requested privacy and also said that they were deeply committed to raising their daughters.

No further word has been spoken on the matter of the divorce. Troy admitted that he had failed in his marriage, but hoped not to fail as a father. Rhonda has made no mention of marriage or divorce at all. In their financial settlement she received apparently $1.75 Million and Troy, no doubt, pays child support for both his daughters. Overall, however, the divorce went down quickly and quietly, being finalized after only three months.

Troy Aikman & Rhonda Aikman family pic.

Whilst Troy has been linked to a number of women, he doesn’t seem to be dating anyone seriously at this time. Rhonda has been in trouble since her divorce, having been arrested for a DUI, but somehow still avoiding jail time. It doesn’t show much of a commitment to her daughters, if she behaves this recklessly.

Now, everyone up-to-date on Troy Aikman gossip may wonder if the persistent rumors about his sexuality may have played a role in his divorce. Quite a few people in the NFL seem to think that Troy is secretly gay. Nobody seems to have come forward claiming that he had any sort of affair or dalliance with the ex-NFL player, but that doesn’t mean he may not be gay or perhaps bisexual.

The rumors have been following Troy for a good twenty years now, but he only recently addressed them when he said that he had chosen to pursue a different lifestyle and to not date men. Obviously he considers homosexuality a lifestyle choice, which it is not. But it would also seem that he made a conscious decision not to date men. At least that is what it sounds like. Most heterosexual people, however, never make this choice consciously. It simply doesn’t occur to them to date somebody of the same sex.

Rhonda Aikman and Troy Aikman with daughters Jordan Ashley Aikman & Alexa Marie Aikman

Whereas homosexual people may very well choose to suppress their sexuality and/or attraction; instead they decide to date or marry someone from the opposite sex, because it seems the easier and clearly more conventional thing to do. If you are a major NFL player, you will certainly not want to come out of whatever closet you are in. It is a very recent development for NFL players to come out at all, which shows just how much of a problem it still is to be an openly gay player.

Of course, if Troy is gay or not does not matter in the grand scheme of things. It’s his life and his choice. However, if he is, then it could have contributed to the end of his marriage. Perhaps Rhonda didn’t want to continue a relationship that was essentially based on a lie. Or Troy just couldn’t pretend any longer to be someone he was not. He is not likely to ever come out, if he is not completely straight, but that doesn’t mean he is easily able to live a lie.

In the end, he deserves happiness just like everyone else, so does his ex-wife Rhonda. They were unable to find it with each other, but hopefully they will find it in the future in whatever way they choose.

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