Did a Twitter flirtation cause Trace Adkins’ third divorce?

Trace Adkins has been married three times. His second marriage ended in his wife shooting him. His third marriage seems have been brought down by a Twitter affair.

Trace Adkins did not have a good start in 2014 at all. After getting into a drunken brawl on a cruise ship, which ended his 12 years of sobriety and forced him into rehab, his father passed away shortly thereafter.

Rhonda Forlaw and Trace Adkins snapped at an event

And not long after that his wife of nearly 17 years filed for divorce due to irreconcilable differences. She asked for primary physical custody of their three young daughters, child-support, alimony and, allegedly, also to be the primary beneficiary of his life insurance.

At the time the divorce was filed some said it had been a long time coming. But there don’t seem to have been many reports that they had an unhappy marriage prior to the divorce announcement. Some outlets also wondered if his alcohol problems were to blame for the divorce.

It is certainly possible. Trace didn’t seem to have been on his best behavior at the beginning of last year and since alcoholism was not a new problem with him, it may have been the last straw for Rhonda, his now estranged wife.

Trace Adkins and Rhonda Forlaw say cheese

Not long after the divorce was filed, however, more interesting news emerged shedding more light on a possible reason for the break-up of the couple.

In 2013 Trace Adkins starred in a movie called “The Virginian” opposite Canadian actress Victoria Pratt. Even whilst still working together, Victoria sent out at least one tweet that hinted at a rather more salacious relationship than that of co-workers. It would have had any wife wondering, if there was more to the relationship.

When Trace Adkins joined Celebrity Apprentice, Victoria became one of his most ardent fans. It is not known what people actually thought about her tweets and their flirtatious nature at the time, but somebody certainly paid attention and now those tweets seem to come back to haunt Trace.

Rhonda Forlaw and Trace Adkins at a red carpet event

And don’t make the mistake of thinking that this was one-sided. Trace definitely responded in kind, no less flirtatious than Victoria. If either of them had hoped that their tweets would fly under the radar, they were sorely mistaken. In the digital age nothing remains unnoticed, especially if you can claim any sort of fame to your name.

Did Rhonda know about any of this? Was it brought to her attention? Was there more to the “affair” between Trace and Victoria than the tweets?

Who can say? Sources, of course, want us to know that Trace had fantasies concerning Victoria and that he boasted to have had a number of extra-marital affairs in recent years. Neither Rhonda nor Trace has said anything about these allegations. Apart from hearsay there doesn’t seem to be any solid evidence.

But then there is the divorce and all of Rhonda’s demands. They may tell us all we need to know about the affair.  And even if Trace and Victoria didn’t act those tweets out, they were certainly not appropriate when one of the people involved was married.

The divorce has yet to be settled and since announcing the split it has been fairly quiet around Trace and his estranged wife, which is at least a blessing for their three young daughters.

It also doesn’t seem as if Trace is dating anyone at the moment, or he keeps things on the quiet given the too public Twitter affair.

For the sake of the children, one can only hope that Trace and Rhonda will keep their dirty laundry out of the news. That won’t satisfy anyone interested in the latest gossip, but that’s of a lesser concern.

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Trace Adkins and Rhonda Forlaw look stunning

Rhonda Forlaw and Trace Adkins stunning in black

Rhonda Forlaw and Trace Adkins look cheerful

Rhonda Forlaw and Trace Adkins decked up for an event

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