Tory Burch’s divorce from Chris Burch was a tame affair compared to what followed later

Tory and Chris Burch were married for ten years before their relationship broke apart. Settling the divorce took two years, but it was nothing to the legal battle that followed after.

Divorce finalized in 2008

Tory and Chris Burch married in 1996. They had first twin sons together and then another one a little later on. For all appearances they were a match made in heaven and they worked incredibly well together for a number of years.

Tory Burch and Chris Burch look happy

Eventually Tory wanted to launch her own fashion line and she did so with financial help from her then-husband Chris. He was already a multi-millionaire due to his fashion ventures and had cash to spare. Tory was ambitious and built up her Tory Burch brand mostly under her own steam.

How involved Chris was remained a matter of dispute many years later, but for those looking in from the outside, Tory Burch (the brand) seems to be mostly her and not so much him. She is incredibly passionate about her brand and has built it from one store to a worldwide operating fashion brand with hundreds of stores in many countries.

Chris is the one who likes to dabble here and there, support others (including his daughters) with their ventures and invest when the mood strikes. He verifiably suffers from ADD and his attention span doesn’t seem conducive to really dig in and concentrate in the same way Tory does, who is always on time and very organized.

Tory Burch with boyfriend Pierre-Yves Roussel

When Tory Burch (the brand) took off, the marriage between Tory and Chris crumbled. It seems that they were too dissimilar in the end and couldn’t hold their relationship together. The business entanglements didn’t make it easier, though.

Tory filed for divorce in 2006 and it took a whole two years before everything was settled. Chris was still involved with the business, but privately everything was separated, which included Tory keeping the family home.

We don’t really know how amicable their personal relationship was later one, though Chris once said that he wanted a good relationship with Tory, who was, after all, the mother of his three sons. So on that front things seemed to be working.

Pierre-Yves Roussel hugs Tory Burch

But their business relationship soured by 2010 and came to blows in 2011 when Chris got it into his head to launch C. Wonders, a new brand, which looked very much like a cheap rip-off of Tory Burch. Chris still owned some of Tory Burch, but eventually had no active position left in the company. When he launched C. Wonders, Tory Burch sued him.

After some lengthy litigation the Tory Burch LLC settled with Chris, which included several demands of changes that he had to make to C. Wonders. This served mostly to diminish resemblance to the Tory Burch brand.

As it was, C. Wonders failed. It expanded too quickly and could not sustain itself. In 2015 Chris had to essentially close up shop.

Tory Burch, meanwhile, thrived. Not just the brand but also the woman. Tory has been linked to several men over the last few years (notably for five years to Lyor Cohen), but at the beginning of January she announced her engagement to LVMH Fashion Group CEO Pierre-Yves Roussel. She’s been dating him since 2014.


Tory Burch and Pierre-Yves Roussel look cheerful

Tory Burch and Pierre-Yves Roussel dayout

Tory Burch and Pierre-Yves Roussel being snapped

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