Tony Robbins divorces Wife Becky to marry Sage Robbins!

The self-help master struggles to get out of an unhappy marriage but eventually finds love again.

Tony Robbins with his first wife, Becky.

Tony with his first wife, Becky.

Celebrity Self-Help Guru, Anthony  Robbins (Tony) has garnered for himself an impressive client list that spans the political, sports as well as glamour world, but has he been equally effective in helping himself make the right life choices and was his divorce from his first wife, Becky, the right thing to do at that time?

Tony married his wife, Becky when he was a wild young man of twenty four and she, a much more mature woman who had been married twice before and was not only eleven years senior to him, but was already the mother of a teenage son of seventeen, an eleven year old daughter and an another son of five. They met at one of his seminars and the relationship deepened. Tony is frank about the fact that though he had loved her, he hadn’t wanted marriage, but that Becky had. Tony who had lived through a turbulent childhood and had run away from home at the age of seventeen, chose to please Becky and married her. Now, Tony had the responsibility of being a father to not only his own son, Jareik from a previous relationship with girlfriend Liz Acosta, but also to Becky’s kids!

Tony Robbins with his second and present wife, Sage

Tony with his second and present wife, Sage

It is to Tony’s credit that he stayed in the relationship till his children were grown up. Their separate needs of life diverged to the extent that when he turned thirty nine years, he called it quits.

Towards the end, the relationship became bitter and the couple ended their fourteen year old marriage in 1997; the divorce dragged on for three years due to discussion on assets division. According, to Tony, he met his second wife, Sage after he had ended his relationship with his first wife, but was still married and Sage had been out of her previous relationship a year and half back. This story was contradicted by bitter Canadian businessman, John Lynch, who said that Tony had alienated the affections of his wife, Bonnie, also known as Sage, even whilst Bonnie and John were still married. Bonnie, denies this allegation and insists that Tony had nothing to do with her divorce from John.

Tony and the former health food store clerk, Sage got married in 2001. The two had met in 1999 at one of his seminars after the break down of her marriage in 1998 and they began dating seriously in 2000. The couple are happy together and Tony and Sage Robbins feel that their personalities are akin to each other and are more in step.