Tony Parker married again three years after Eva Longoria divorced him

After being together for nearly six years Eva Longoria filed for divorce from Tony Parker, because he was sending another woman hundreds of explicit text messages. Divorce finalized in 2011

If Hollywood actresses don’t get married inside the industry, they seem to marry athletes instead. Eva Longoria met and started dating Tony Parker in 2004. They went public fairly quickly and were seen repeatedly throughout 2005 and 2006. Eva talked openly about their relationship and all seemed well with the couple. Tony was less forthcoming, but that didn’t indicate that he cared less for Eva than she did for him.

Tony Parker embracing Eva Longoria

In September 2006, however, they apparently split briefly.But whatever the reason, they were engaged by the end of November in 2006. And in July 2007 the couple married in Paris. Tony is a French citizen, even though he was born in Belgium. The civil ceremony had been officiated by the mayor of Paris himself and the couple had only about 40 guests, which is modest by Hollywood standards.

In 2007, a few months after their wedding, Tony was accused of an extramarital affair with model Alexandra Paressant. Both he and Eva vehemently denied these allegations. Eva very steadfastly stood by his side and Tony even filed a suit against the website that first purported the allegations. They were forced to withdraw the story and issued an apology.

For the next few years the couple mostly lived happily together. Eva often sat by the side of the basketball court supporting her husband.Eva Longoria once said that she and Tony would love to be together forever, but that you only get forever by taking one day at a time.

It doesn’t sound as if she ever considered divorce.

Axelle Francine-Tony Parker's current wife

But then she probably also didn’t think that Tony would cheat on her in any way. The two still appeared happy in October 2010 on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where they cuddled on Ellen’s sofa. Tellingly Tony surprised her on the show, but Eva said that her husband can’t get anything by her.

And he didn’t.

She eventually discovered all those explicit text messages he had exchanged with Erin Barry, the wife of another player. Apparently there were hundreds of them. It’s unclear how she came to check his phone. She probably wasn’t snooping around; otherwise she would have discovered the text messages in question much sooner.

Tony Parker cozying with Axelle Francine

But how she discovered the messages doesn’t even matter at this stage, because she found them and it ended her marriage. Later she said that she didn’t want to just accuse him of anything or leave him right away. She wanted to have a conversation and find out what happened, how or why he would have done this to her. Of course she looked to herself for blame as well, but realized quickly that that was pointless.

She wasn’t to blame for his actions. Marriages break apart. Partners don’t find what they’re looking for in one another any longer, they split. It happens. There’s no excuse for cheating. Even if the cheating never went beyond those text messages, Tony Parker strayed in his thoughts and had at the very least fantasies about another woman. Instead of addressing the issue head on and talking about it with his wife, perhaps rekindling whatever romance was dying, he chose to turn to another woman instead.

So Eva filed for divorce. The divorce was finalized in January 2011 and both of them moved on. It was a painful experience for Eva Longoria. When she opened up about her divorce, she spoke about how she received compliments for being as slender as she was at the time. She was barely eating and feeling really unwell, but nobody seemed to worry about that just as long as she looked skinny in her depression.

Eva Longoria hugs Tony Parker

She didn’t think she was depressed, but had to admit that she wasn’t feeling right and a divorce like hers, given the circumstances, would leave anyone depressed. Eventually she went on a sugar-free diet and decided to get back to eating properly. It changed everything and she felt infinitely better for it. Her broken heart mended and she started dating again.

Eva is successful as well as beautiful and men lined up to date her. After being linked to several suitors, she has now been with Jose Antonio Baston for about two years. She’s back to being happy and being healthy and still looking fabulous.

Tony Parker has moved on as well. He’s been with Axelle Francine since 2011 and married her in August 2014, four months after welcoming their first child. Let’s hope she holds enough of his attention that he won’t stray again; though he does have more incentive to stay faithful to his new wife and their son.


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Eva Longoria & Tony Parker in Paris

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