Toni Tenille appears to have dumped husband Daryl Dragon when she filed for divorce

Toni Tenille filed for divorce from her husband of 39 years Daryl Dragon apparently without his knowledge and there are only two speculations as to why.

There is certainly no other word for it if Captain Dragon’s own perceptions of the divorce are to be believed. When the divorce made the news late January 2014, the Captain claimed to have no idea why Toni had filed for divorce nor was he apparently aware that she intended to do so.

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The announcement certainly shocked all those who were fans of the couple and those few, who didn’t know that the singing duo had even been married.

The couple had married in 1975, the same year they had their first hit single. They had a total of five top-five hits during their career and have been working as entertainers throughout their lives.

In the last few years Daryl’s ability to make any kind of music has been greatly hampered by a medical condition that causes tremors similar to Parkinson’s disease. At 71 and 73, respectively, Daryl and Toni certainly deserved retirement, but when two people work in an industry such as theirs, they will often continue way beyond the normal retirement age.

It’s not just a job, but a profession and passion and losing his ability to make music must certainly have been a hit to the former Captain Dragon.

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It was frequently speculated that Toni filed for divorce because of the couples medical insurance. Certainly there was mention of it in the divorce papers, which also declared the marriage as irretrievably broken. Something that Daryl, however, seemed to not have been aware of.

At the time of the divorce the couple still lived together, but that no longer appears to be the case. The only place where a date of divorce could be found was on Toni’s Wikipedia entry, which cited July 2014. That at least is in keeping with the typical six-month time frame between the filing and finalizing of a divorce in the US.

If the couple is indeed legally divorced, Daryl would have had to sign the papers at some point. Despite being blindsided by the divorce, he must have ended up agreeing to it. If Toni was determined to leave him, he would have had little choice, however.

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The other reason for their divorce, which was apparently only reported by the National Enquirer, one of the worst gossip rags in existence with rarely an ounce of truth in its articles, was apparently Toni’s late-in-life coming out as a lesbian.

A few blogs have picked up the issue, but no evidence could be found. It would certainly be one explanation as to why the couple never had children. Though there are plenty of other reasons why two people might have chosen not to conceive children or may have even been unable to do so.

Aside from Daryl’s reaction of shock to the divorce filing, neither he nor Toni seem to have ever spoken of it again, at least publicly. Toni never so much as breathed a word as to what her reasons may have been.

Dumping an ailing husband and leaving him with nothing seems to be a rather cruel thing to do after almost 40 years of marriage. But for all appearances that is what happened.

It’s difficult to judge someone on appearances alone, however. If Toni chooses not to say anything about the reasons behind her decision, she only has to accept the consequence that nasty rumors are likely going to arise, but it is still her choice to make.


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