Tina Knowles finally found happiness after her divorce from Mathew Knowles, who is already remarried

Tina Knowles‘ divorce from her ex-husband dragged out over two years. In the meantime it has become clear that Mathew Knowles has been unfaithful multiple times. Divorce finalized in December 2012

Tina and Mathew Knowles married in 1980. Then they had daughter Beyoncé and Tina Knowles didn’t work for four years, focusing on raising her daughter. When she became pregnant with Solange her marriage turned sour and she was at a loss as to what to do with herself. 

Tina Beyince & Mathew Knowles seated at an Awards functionSo she finished beauty school and once she gave birth to her second child, she dropped the girl off with her mother-in-law in order to build up her own business.

This is what Tina Knowles told the audience at the International Women & Money Leadership luncheon in Houston, where she was the keynote speaker last year. She said a few other things in her speech as well.

Her marriage collapsed around her in 2009 when it emerged that Mathew Knowles had likely fathered a child with actress Alexsandra White, with whom he apparently had had an 18-month affair. A paternity suit proved that he was indeed the father of son Nixon, who was born in 2010. Mathew Knowles was ordered to pay $12,000 in monthly child support at the time. Last year those payments were vastly reduced, since Mathew’s income had also been vastly reduced after his daughter Beyoncé fired him as her manager.

Recently it emerged that Mathew Knowles also fathered a daughter around the same time. The girl was apparently also born in 2010 and has been proven to be his biological child. It’s only a matter of time until he will have to pay child support for her as well.

Tina Beyince family pic with daughters Solange & Beyoncé & ex husband Mathew Knowles

One is left to wonder if this evidence of cheating on his wife and apparently also his mistress are recent occurrences, or if he has cheated in the past without his wife finding out about it, because no children were born.

Tina Knowles filed for divorce for the first time a month after Alexandra White’s pregnancy made the news. The marriage was set to be dissolved in November 2010, but when neither party showed up the matter was dropped by the court. Tina was forced to file again and in December 2012 she was finally a single woman again.

Once the ordeal was over, Tina suffered from low self-esteem and had to wonder, if she would ever find love again given that she was almost 60 years old then. Mathew clearly had no such problems; he had already begun dating former model Gena Charmaine Avery.

Richard Lawson & Tina Knowles wedding pic

So Tina embarked on a journey of self-discovery. She’s been a successful business woman for a long time already, so she decided to take some time off and travel with her daughter and friends. She wanted to look after herself to get over the divorce and its aftermath.

When she was ready to date again, she caught up with her old friend Richard Lawson, who suggested himself as a dating prospect, but Tina initially dismissed him. Perhaps she thought he was joking, but they did end up spending time together and when he offered to support her after the divorce, she took him up on it and he moved to Texas, where she lived.

When she held her keynote speech, she happily said that they had been together for almost a year and a half already and that she was happier than she had been in a very long time. Rumor has it that Richard recently popped the question and that the two are engaged to be married, but that has yet to be confirmed.

Mathew Knowles had already married Gena Avery back in July 2013. Neither Beyoncé nor Solange showed up for the wedding and although they deny that their parent’s divorce has caused a rift with their father, the opposite seems to be more likely. They are adults and quite able to look after themselves and take sides, if they see fit.

Tina Knowles spoke of her ex-husband as family, however, and even if everything may not be forgotten, perhaps it is at least forgiven. In the end they were married for 33 years and that is not easily dismissed.

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Tina Knowles with her present husband Richard Lawson

Tina Knowles & Richard Lawson in her 60th birthday bash

Tina Knowles and Richard Lawson at an event

Tina Beyince with daughter Beyoncé & ex hubby Mathew Knowles

Tina Beyince & Mathew Knowles prior to divorce