Why would Amy Duncan remain married for 12 years, if Tim Duncan were truly gay?

Tim Duncan and his wife Amy were together since 1996, had two children and ended their marriage in an unpleasant divorce in 2013 amid cheating allegations. Divorce finalized August 2013

They started dating around 1996 when both Tim and Amy were still in college. But Tim was already on his way to becoming a pro. Despite nearly breaking up in 1997 when Tim graduated, because Amy didn’t want to be the one left behind, Tim didn’t give up on her and finally convinced her that he wanted to be only with her and that there wouldn’t be any other women.

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The couple was married in 2001, not long after Tim signed his first pro contract. And because of his contract and subsequent wealth, there was also a prenup.

But Tim and Amy were so solid, with him keeping a fairly low-key life even though he is one of the NBA’s best players ever, that nobody doubted that these two would stay together forever.

They had two children during their 12-year marriage.

But on the 27th of March 2013 Amy filed for divorce, very nearly blindsiding Tim, who apparently had wanted to wait until after the season was over. Clearly they had been on the path to divorce anyway, but Amy chose a point in time to file, which wasn’t entirely convenient for Tim. Not that divorces are ever convenient for anyone.

It was also Amy who moved out of their home about a month later.

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Tim filed his response requesting that the proceedings be pushed back a few months in anticipation of what would hopefully be a successful season for the Spurs.

It would appear that the proceedings did not get pushed back, because things turned ugly fairly quickly. Amy accused Tim of being gay or at least bisexual and alleged that he had a male lover during his college years, who even lived with the couple during their first two years of marriage, though Tim allegedly later bought him a house.

That lover has never been named and the question would really be why Amy would have put up with something like that. If Tim were gay, his secrecy would be understandably. Until recently there have been no pro-players of any sports that have come out during the height of their career let alone at the very beginning. If he were bisexual, it should not have been a hindrance in his marriage unless he actually cheated on Amy.

Vanessa Macias-Tim Duncan's girlfriend

Given that there was a prenup, it wasn’t as if Amy had anything in particular to gain by staying with Duncan, especially at the beginning of their marriage she could have still left and started a new life. Instead she went on to have two children with Tim.

Either his sexuality was no issue or he didn’t actually cheat on her.

On the other hand it was alleged that Amy had cheated on Tim with her personal trainer. If that was true, little love was lost between the couple at some stage.

Outside of the allegations that emerged in pretty much every gossip column, neither Amy nor Tim have commented on the matter. One of Tim’s team mates, Danny Green, is the only one who said anything on the matter, merely stating that he doesn’t care about Tim’s sexual preferences and that they were team mates regardless.

The divorce was finalized behind closed doors in August 2013. The details of their settlement have not been disclosed.

Since at least November 2013 Tim has been dating Vanessa Macias, a former contestant on Amazing Race. Nobody has ever spoken of his alleged sexuality again, least of all his current girlfriend. The allegations are clearly pretty unfounded.

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