Did an empty nest cause Tim Daly’s divorce from Amy Van Nostrand?

Very little is known about Tim Daly‘s divorce from Amy Van Nostrand. But what we do know about their relationship could suggest that the empty-nest-syndrome led to their divorce. Divorce finalized in 2010

Tim Daly married his wife Amy Van Nostrand, a fellow actress in 1982. He was only 26 at the time and Amy was 29. Three years later son Sam was born and another five years later daughter Emelyn.

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Until at least 2008 Tim and Amy were happy. Their children had both left home, Sam to pursue his own acting career and Emelyn to study. Tim readily confessed that the empty nest at home worried him more than it did his wife. He missed the children, missed them needing him and being there for them, if only to drop them off to school.

It seems he was a pretty hands-on dad when his children were younger.

Tim is not really famous enough for his divorce to have made the news. He’s from a clan of actors, which includes his parents and older sister Tyne Daly. He’s pretty much always had an acting job going and was rarely out of a job, but he’s not a celebrity. His name and face are recognizable, but rarely is one connected to the other. Either you remember his face or his name. Only when you see both together you remember.

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That enabled him to lead a private life as a husband and father.

Whilst he seems to be glad to have had his children at a reasonably young age, he was saddened when they left home. He even went to a therapist to help him cope with the loss.

Given that he and Amy divorced in 2010, one wonders if the empty nest and the feelings it left in both of them didn’t contribute to their divorce. All of a sudden there wasn’t much left to keep Tim and Amy on the same path. They dealt with the empty house rather differently and whilst they probably still loved each other, chances are they were no longer in love.

It happens. Parents fulfil their duty of bringing up the children and they’re happy to do so, happy as a family. But then the children leave and all of a sudden the two people who brought them up don’t really know each other anymore or how to define their relationship.

Whilst neither Tim nor Amy have ever spoken about the divorce, it seems as likely a reason as any. The divorce went over quietly. Since custody was not an issue, they probably only had to settle some spousal support. Tim is far more successful and likely had to provide spousal support to Amy.

In 2014 he was cast as the husband to Tea Leoni’s character in Madam Secretary. On set he found that he not only had great chemistry with Tea, but that the two also got along fabulously. Tea was in the process of finalizing her divorce from David Duchovny, from whom she had been separated since 2012.

Eventually Tea and Tim started dating, first in secret however. They confirmed their relationship by the end of 2014 and have been together and seemingly quite happy ever since.

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