When Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore divorced it also spelled the end of Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth had been a band longer than Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore had been a couple, but their divorce also broke up the band, which is officially only on hiatus. Divorce finalized by April 2013

Sonic Youth was formed in 1981. At the time Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore were already dating. Their relationship and the band lasted pretty much the same amount of time. Though Kim and Thurston were ‘only’ married in 1984.


The couple had daughter Coco in 1994.

One wonders what a marriage like theirs would have been like. It’s not unheard of that musician couples also work together, but not many are part of the same band. Being married and part of the same band can be blessing and curse. They would spend much of their days together, especially on tour, which is difficult to maintain when one partner is not in the music industry.

But hardly ever really getting a break from each other can also prove too much for a relationship. And what about creative differences? How did Lee Ranaldo, the third member of the band, feel about the constellation?

Questions not easily answered. But the band lasted for 25 years, suggesting that it worked, most of the time anyway. Kim Gordon’s auto-biography may shed some light on the situation. It is in large part about the band, after all. But her husband and their relationship apparently only feature on the sidelines. Perhaps there are some juicy bits uncovered, but it doesn’t sound as if it is truly the tell-all book some may have wanted. Mind you, Kim doesn’t pull any punches either and freely gives her opinion on many people and matters.


It is also no secret why Kim’s and Thurston marriage and consequently the band broke up. There was another woman. Her name is Eva Prinz and she is twenty years younger than Thurston.

Eva had been part of Kim’s and Thurston’s circle for almost ten years by the time the couple ended their relationship. They worked together on a number of books, though it was mostly Thurston working with Eva. Kim was most certainly aware of their working relationship. In 2014 Thurston revealed that he and Eva had been in a relationship for 6 years already, though he claimed that only the two of them had been aware of it, at least whilst he was still married to Kim.

By the time Sonic Youth decided to go on ‘hiatus’ (which means they essential broke up), Kim and Thurston were reportedly barely talking anymore. That was in 2011, the same year the couple announced their split. It all happened more or less at once.


Later Kim laconically said that the end of her marriage was due to midlife crisis and a starstruck woman. Thurston was the one in a midlife crisis and Eva the starstruck woman. Kim basically called him out on having led a double life. Given that he had been cheating on Kim for the last three years of their marriage, that claim is hard to deny.

Thurston himself at least admitted that one does go through a lot of changes in their 40s and 50s. And those changes can upset the order of things, especially in a marriage that had already lasted a quarter of a century.

It took a while for the couple to divorce, but by April 2013 the divorce was apparently finalized. There would have been a lot to sort through, given their shared stakes on Sonic Youth.

Thurston said that he and Kim were on speaking terms these days, even though the divorce had been heavy. His relationship to Eva is still going strong and apparently a ‘really sweet’ one.

Kim had to battle breast cancer in 2013, which was successfully removed via surgery. She then proceeded to write her auto-biography and is currently working on her own music in the band Body/Head. She seems happy and is most certainly her own woman now.

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