The Top 10 Royal Weddings that ended in divorce

Royals are certainly no strangers to divorces and especially the British Royal Family has seen their share of divorces. But the world doesn’t revolve around the United Kingdom and there are other royals in the world that have been through divorces.

Here are the most notable ones, starting from the bottom:

Thailand’s Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn and Princess SrirasmiPrince Maha Vajiralongkorn and Princess Srirasmi


They had known each other since 1992 with Srirasmi working in the service of the Crown Prince, who has been married twice before marrying her. They married in 2001, though the public only learned about this in 2005.

When seven of Srirasmi’s relatives faced corruption charges, the Crown Prince asked the Thai Interior Ministry to strip her of her titles. They were divorced in 2014 after 13 years of marriage, though they had been separated for a few years already.


Prince Joachim of Denmark and Princess Alexandra

Prince Joachim of Denmark and Princess Alexandra

Prince Joachim of Denmark met his ex-wife in Hong Kong. They married in 1995 and had two sons together. But the prince and his meandering ways proved too much for the princess and eventually the two divorced in 2005. Both have since married new partners.





Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and Princess Ameerah Al-TaweelPrince Alwaleed bin Talal and Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel

Prince Alwaleed is known as the Warren Buffet of Saudi Arabia and has a reported net worth of $32 Billion. He divorced his fourth wife Ameerah Al-Taweel in 2013 after only having been married for five years. He was 58 at the time of the divorce and she was 30. The divorce was reportedly amicable and reasons were not given as to why the marriage was dissolved.



Princess Caroline of MonacoPrincess Caroline of Monaco

The Royal Family of Monaco is certainly one of the families most beset by scandals. Though it’s usually not Caroline causing the scandals. She was married to her first husband Philippe Junot for only two years. And her second husband, Stefano Casiraghi, died at only 30 in a boating accident in 1990. She married for the third time Ernst August, Prince of Hanover, who had to get the Queen’s permission for the marriage. Whilst not divorced, the two have been separated since 2009, because Ernst August has a rather loose definition of fidelity.





Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-JonesPrincess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones

The Queen’s younger sister was certainly the wild child in the family. After a rather scandalous affair with Peter Townsend, who was considerably older than her and married, she eventually married photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones. Despite cheating on him numerous times, they had two children and only divorced in 1978. Princess Margaret never married again and if it hadn’t been for her divorce, that of her niece and two nephews would have been much more difficult.





Princess Anne and Mark PhillipsPrincess Anne and Mark Phillips

The niece in question, of course, is Princess Anne. The Queen’s only daughter married her first husband Mark Phillips in 1973 and had two children with him. They were divorced in April 1992 after being separated since 1989. Apparently their marriage had been under strain for a number of years. Princess Anne married husband number two, Timothy Laurence in December 1992, but had no further children with him.





Princess Stephanie of MonacoPrincess Stephanie of Monaco

The black sheep of the Grimaldi family is without a doubt youngest daughter Stephanie. She was first married to her bodyguard Daniel Ducruet from 1995 to 1996, though their children were born in 1992 and 1994. The princess had a third child in 1998, though never officially disclosed the father.

In 2003 she married Portuguese acrobat Adans Lopez Peres, but they were divorced in 2004. She has not married again.




Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon

Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon

Let’s include one of the most notorious divorces in British history. Technically it’s debateable that it was really a divorce, because the pope sure didn’t want to grant it and Henry VIII eventually had his marriage annulled on the grounds that his wife had previously been married to his older brother, whose widow she was. His second marriage to be annulled was the one to Anne of Cleves on the grounds that it was never consummated. Contrary to popular believe, by the way, he only beheaded two of his wives.





Prince Andrew and Duchess Sarah FergusonPrince Andrew and Duchess Sarah Ferguson

The Queen’s second son, Prince Andrew divorced the same year that his big brother had his divorce. He was married to Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson for 10 years and had two daughters with her during that time. The end of the marriage was hailed by the emergence of raunchy photographs of Sarah with another man. The divorce and scandal were widely publicised.






Princess Diana and Prince CharlesPrincess Diana and Prince Charles

As the first in line to succession, Prince Charles deserved the prettiest wife and the best wedding. It was the event of a decade when Charles and Diana married in 1981. But there was never much love involved in their relationship, even though it produced two sons. The two led separate lives for most of their marriage and mutual allegations of infidelity finally put an end to it in 1996.

Finally free to pursue happiness, Princess Diana tragically died only a year later. Prince Charles took a long time to eventually marry the love of his life Camilla Parker-Bowles, herself a divorcee, in 2005.