Terry Fator divorced Melinda for Taylor Makakoa

The gifted star's marriage ends over conflicting personalities and priorities.

Terry Wayne Fator is America’s Darling. He is best recognized from the America’s Got Talent show. He swept the judges off their feet and won the second season of America’s Got Talent with his awe-inspiring singing and vocal capability in 2007. He is multi-talented, not only a great singer.  He is a ventriloquist, impressionist and a comedian as well.


Prior to America’s Got Talent he sang in bands but this was a career on the low-down and at its lowest, the performance had one person attending. So he signed up for America’s Got Talent and became famous and rich when he walked away with the 1 million-dollar price. A year later, in May 2008, he was signed up as the headliner at The Mirage Hotel in Nevada.

Things may not have been as rosy in his marriage as they are in his career and fame front. He was then married to his first wife Melinda, a woman he met while doing tours with his popular band TEXAS that reigned back in the 80’s through 2001. They got married in January 1991 and stayed together for eighteen years. In 2008, just before he landed his Las Vegas Show, he and Melinda bought a dream home in Texas. They then shifted to Las Vegas when he landed the 100 million headliner role.

In January 2009 Melinda shifted back to Texas from Las Vegasleaving Terry. In February 2009 she filed for divorce while being in Texas. This lasted for one and a half years. Melinda then signed up for another divorce in 2010 while being in Nevada. The divorce reached a sudden settlement and only a day after the finalization of his divorce, November 3, 2010, Terry married his onstage assistant, the Hawaii model Taylor Makakoa. She was 22 years old at the time. She is his second and current wife.

According to Terry, what really happened is that problems in his first marriage had started way before he Terry Wayne Fator with his ex-Wife Melindabecame rich and really famous. He had the impression that getting rich would fix some of these issues but quite the contrary. They got worse. She would claim he was going out on her but really it was she who did so. She never wanted children but as he grew older the desire to have children grew.

Melinda’s side of the story reports very little about their separation.She claims that the ‘children’ conversation never came up between them. He says she alienated his family and refused to allow them to enjoy the success that he had attained. So he was forced to make a choice between her and the rest of his family.

Enter Taylor Makakoa. When he first learnt about her interest in him it was through his sister. At first he was surprised because she was so young – he was actually twice her age. But with time he came to discover that she wanted love and family and children and he was just the man who could give all that to her. Terry is currently happily married and feels fulfilled in his career and in his personal life.





Terry Wayne Fator with his present Wife Taylor Makakoa at an event

Terry Wayne Fator with his present Wife Taylor Makakoa

Terry Fator with his second Wife Taylor Makakoa