Teresa Giudice will never divorce husband Joe – no matter how difficult it may get

Teresa Giudice is currently serving a sentence for fraud and husband Joe will follow suit. In the meantime cheating allegations make the rounds and a divorce seems imminent. Or does it?

Teresa Guidice is currently serving a 15 – month jail sentence for fraud that was committed by her and her husband back between 2001 and 2008. The two have quite a rap sheet together and more than deserve their sentences and, seemingly, each other.

Joe Giudice & Teresa Gorga being interviewedJoe Giudice & Teresa Gorga seem to get boredJoe Giudice & Teresa Gorga seem to get boredJoe Giudice & Teresa Gorga seem to get bored

Once Teresa will be released, which could be as early as December, allowing her to serve the rest of her time under house arrest, Joe will begin his term of 41 months. At least that way their four daughters always have one parent around. Children shouldn’t be punished for the misdeeds of their parents.

Be that as it may, whilst Teresa is away, her husband is reportedly cavorting around with at least two women and claims have been made that Joe is cheating on his wife. There could hardly be a better time than now, if he really wanted to do such a thing.

It’s not the first time that Teresa and Joe have faced such rumours, including allegations that they were close to divorcing. Yet so far they have not divorced or even separated.

It’s been claimed around last April that Teresa has been consulting with divorce lawyers whilst in prison, but her lawyer denied those claims, saying that she doesn’t even think of divorce. A former inmate from her prison claimed to know everything that’s been going on with Teresa, or near enough anyway, and reported that Teresa has had it with Joe, that he’s not nearly visiting as much as he should or could and that new cheating rumours were devastating for her. That same former inmate also claimed that divorce has, in fact, come up with her lawyers.

Teresa Gorga and Joe Giudice with family

Unfortunately those statements have very little credibility and whilst it was alleged in July once again that Joe was having an affair and that Teresa was setting everything in motion to start divorce proceedings as soon as she would be released, the couple has thus far denied any and all rumours.

It’s mostly Joe speaking for them these days and on occasion Teresa’s lawyers, but there really is no indication at this time that the two are headed for divorce.

Teresa enjoys plenty of liberties at her prison and is apparently able to email her daughters frequently and has been tweeting from inside the prison as well. She would certainly be able to make a statement if she chose to. She is not exactly in the best position to ask for a divorce at this point, however, clearly disadvantaged given that she is behind bars.

But on the other hand friends say that she is devoutly catholic, not uncommon in Italians as it were. She’s even tweeted on the Pope’s TV appearances and probably would have wanted to see him live had she not been in her current predicament.

Joe Giudice & Teresa Gorga winter day out

Because her faith is strong and she very much believes in the institution of marriage, she will never divorce Joe. No matter how difficult it gets. And, boy, have these two been through difficulties already. Joe decided to protect his wife during their trial and asked that she be tried separately to facilitate that. He also took on most of the responsibilities when they eventually pleaded guilty to at least some of the charges brought against them. Ultimately he has been given nearly three times her sentence.

Currently he’s doing his best to look after their daughters and he will be featured in a very limited set of episodes showcasing their life during these trying times with Teresa only appearing as a voice on the phone.

Chances are that Teresa will return to Real Housewives of New Jersey once she is free to do so. Currently speculations all point that way and she’s certainly become a much more interesting character now that she has been in prison. Given that she will then have to look after her family and their business without her husband, the cameras are sure going to focus on her.

At the end of the day Teresa and Joe Giudice have always shown a united front. Whether it is love or commitment or simple faith and the vows they have made that keeps them together is only for them to know. But it very much seems that these two not only belong together, but deserve each other.

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