Taylor Armstrong expected to be a divorcee, instead she became a widow

Taylor Armstrong expected to attend a divorce court when she filed for divorce from estranged husband Russell. Instead she attended his funeral. Three years later she has moved on and is remarried.

Looking back it seems Taylor and Russell Armstrong’s marriage was doomed from the beginning. The same year they were married, in 2005, Russell had to file bankruptcy after he maxed out all his credit cards and was unable to settle the debts.

Taylor Armstrong and Russell Armstrong cozying

Whilst he may have been a seasoned business man, who always had something on the go, it has been said that he and Taylor lived well beyond their means. Indeed, Taylor became famous on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for throwing extravagant parties. But it doesn’t seem as if she actually contributed financially to the relationship and she is not exactly known for having many marketable skills.

The couple had daughter Kennedy in 2006, but even then it doesn’t look as if things were all that well. Since the beginning of her tenure on RHOBH Taylor’s and Russell’s relationship had been a rocky one. Taylor joined the cast in 2010 and naturally her marriage and its problems featured in it.

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When the situation escalated not long after that, the other cast mates began to exclude Taylor from events, mostly because Russell would always come along and he wasn’t very well liked among the other housewives.

Taylor openly discussed her marital problems with the other women on the show, but for some reason she continued the relationship. But by 2011 Taylor’s life was falling apart.

It’s been claimed that she finally filed for divorce after it became apparent that Bravo was going to boot her and her husband off the show. Russell had been sending various letters to people at Bravo and NBC threatening legal action for defamation, because his crumbling marriage had become a major talking point on RHOBH.

Since it was his wife making all the allegations and nobody else, he wouldn’t actually have gotten very far with any kind of legal action.

Taylor Armstrong and John Bluher look great together

Apparently, however, the producers had decided that he, and therefore Taylor, wasn’t worth all the trouble and Taylor would therefore not be asked to return for another season.

Finally she filed for divorce in June 2011. Her main reason was his abusive behaviour, verbally and physically. Last year she said that she realized that she had to leave him after he punched her so hard that she had to have reconstructive eye surgery. Thoughts of her daughter made her realize that this situation couldn’t continue and that her daughter shouldn’t have to see her like this.

Russell was allegedly distraught over the divorce, but he was also facing a $1.5 million lawsuit and we never really got to hear his side of the story. Tragically the whole situation, the divorce, the lawsuit and all the unwanted attention and pressure seem to have overwhelmed Russell Armstrong and he committed suicide in July 2011. He was found hanged at a friend’s place, where he had been staying.

Taylor Armstrong & John Bluher wedding

Taylor was said to have been devastated over the suicide. At least in part she may have blamed herself for it. Russell’s ex-wife certainly blamed her for it and quite vocally. But ultimately it was Russell who ended his own life. It was his decision, nobody else’s. Whilst no doubt various things influenced that decision, there was clearly nothing he thought worth living for, not even his daughter, who even years later needed to see a child therapist to address her father and his passing.

Taylor stayed on RHOBH for another season, but later took a backseat and only returned as a recurring guest.

She certainly needed some time to heal and so did her daughter. She did the smart thing by taking a step back and re-evaluating her life.

She met John Bluher when he helped her through the aftermath of her husband’s suicide. He helped her with all the legal stuff that had to be sorted.

Eventually the two became a couple and in 2014 they were married. Taylor believes that he is the one that she will grow old with and is especially happy to be able to show her daughter what a healthy relationship looks like.

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