Tana Ramsay would seem to have had every reason to divorce Gordon Ramsay – or did she?

In 2008 Sarah Symonds came forward as Gordon Ramsay’s long-term mistress. Yet Tana Ramsay did not leave or divorce her husband and the two are going stronger than ever.

Tana and Gordon Ramsay have been married for nearly 20 years. She was only 18 when she first met him and at the time she was with one of his friends. But Gordon wanted her and wooed her and finally married her in 1996.

Gordon Ramsay and Tana Ramsay arrive at an event

They had four children in six years (one set of twins) and seemed the picture-perfect family, especially with Gordon’s star rising.

In 2008 Sarah Symonds, who once upon a time had an affair with Jeffrey Archer, came forward claiming that she had been having a 7-year affair with Gordon Ramsay. The story was published by News of the World, a gossip rag that no longer exists.

The only person who doesn’t want to shut up about the allegations is Sarah herself. Gordon, however, has denied everything. There was a story that claimed he had confided in a friend about apologizing to Tana and telling her the truth. The truth apparently consisted of the fact that Gordon had met Sarah four times, and there’s not even an admission that anything untoward would have happened on those occasions.

What’s clear is that Sarah has done nothing but capitalize on her new-found fame. She even went so far as to write an open letter to Tana telling her how she felt for her over being pushed around by her father and her husband. Apparently Sarah wanted to help Tana deal with it all and potentially encourage her to take the necessary steps towards protecting herself, namely to get a divorce.

Gordon Ramsay linkup with Sarah Symonds

Sarah’s letter can only be called grossly condescending and it’s not surprising that neither Tana nor Gordon have ever responded to the drivel she produced.

In fact, given Sarah Symonds’ behaviour one is inclined not to believe a single word she has said. She’s definitely not given herself any credibility.

Gordon and Tana on the other hand have stuck together through many ups and downs since the allegations were first made. In 2010 Gordon was forced to fire his CEO, who happened to be Tana’s father and who more or less embezzled from his son in law, nearly ruining Ramsay in the process.

Gordon Ramsay and Tana Ramsay holding hands

A few lawsuits later Gordon walked away the legal victor, but it cost Tana her relationships to her parents, who abandoned her and their grandchildren. Then again, who needs in-laws like that?

Gordon proved Tana’s rock and with his empire back on track the two are going stronger than ever. Recently Gordon gifted Tana with a substantial share in his enterprises, which appears to indicate not just how much she trusts her, but how much he wants to be with her.

We don’t really know if the affair ever happened. Tana doesn’t seem to believe so or if anything did happen, she didn’t consider it worth breaking up over. The couple appears to be more than happy. They have four kids together and want to stay a family.

For some cheating is the ultimate betrayal, others can forgive it. But every situation is different and there is no one-solution-fits-everyone. Whatever the truth may be, Gordon and Tana have found their solution and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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