Tamra Barney Judge divorced first in 2011 and seems be heading for another divorce in 2015

Tamra Barney Judge very much seems to like it dramatic. She divorced one husband in 2011 and seems to be on the brink of another divorce from her latest husband. Divorce finalized in October 2011

If there is one constant in Tamra Barney Judge’s life it is drama. Her marriage to Simon Barney lasted eleven years and produced three children. Tamra is also the mother of another child, who is already in his early twenties, but it is not known if she was ever married to his father.

Tamra Barney & Simon Barney coffee break

Her marriage was featured in The Real Housewives of Orange County, and so was its end. Fights were shown, arguments and discussions were frequent, and ultimately it was announced that Tamra and Simon Barney were due to be divorced, which was in 2010.

Interestingly it was Simon who filed for divorce. Among other things he cited cheating as a divorce reason, which Tamra denied. Just as interesting is the fact, however, that she was already engaged by the time her divorce was officially finalized by a judge.

The pair was given shared legal and physical custody of their three children and neither party had to pay child or spousal support to the other. Evidently the judge thought that they were each able to look after themselves and the children when they had them in their care.

Tamra Barney day out with current husband Eddie Judge

The judge also ordered them not to speak badly about each other to their children or members of the public.

One would not assume that such an order is normal procedure during divorce proceedings, but the judge clearly deemed it necessary in this case.

Eventually Tamra married Eddie Judge, but her divorce drama was not quite over.

Apparently the girl improved significantly whilst staying with her father, who then made the effort of requesting full custody of his other two children.In 2014 Simon Barney requested full custody of the couple’s three children, alleging neglect of the children and accusing Tamra to be an unfit mother. His eldest daughter had moved in with him, because she was no longer able to live with her mother. Apparently the girl was unhappy, suffered severe anxiety because of her mother and was allegedly bullied at school, also because of her mother.

Tamra Barney & Eddie Judge get cozy

Tamra denied all allegations and eventually a judge denied Simon’s request, it appears that there had been no proof of any neglect. But Simon went on to request at least full custody of his eldest daughter, who is still living with him. A decision has yet to be made. But at 16 years of age the girl should be allowed to make her own decision and one would think that she has made it very clear where she wants to live.

Meanwhile Tamra’s marriage to Eddie Judge appears to be crumbling as well. The two have usually been shown as a happy couple and family with the children, but Eddie adamantly refused to be part of a RHOC reunion. There has been talk of discontent. It has been reported that during games played among the Housewives and some of the partners/husbands present, the situation between Tamra and Eddie escalated unpleasantly and screaming matches between Tamra and some of the other Housewives occurred. Among other similar games, the group had played Truth or Dare.

Apparently Eddie is also unhappy with Tamra’s obsession over Botox injections and her changes in appearance whenever she has something done, however small.

It goes without saying that couples as embattled with divorce rumors as these two are, indeed often end up getting divorced. Clearly there is enough reason to assume that the relationship is on the rocks and given Tamra’s penchant for drama, it won’t be over any time soon.

Sadly her children will be affected once more and it would appear that her oldest daughter is already damaged because of the drama. Her oldest son, however, seems to have somewhat escaped and just started his own family, making Tamra a grandmother.

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Eddie Judge and Tamra Barney rock in blackTamra Barney & Simon Barney prior to divorce

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