Why are rumors that Takuya Kimura and ShizukaKudo are divorcing so persistent?

For some reason Japanese singer, actor and overall heartthrob Takuya Kimura has been haunted by divorce rumors for many years, but appears to be happily married still.

Takuya Kimura is not very well known in the so-called Western World. But in Japan he is a big deal. He used to be a member of the Japanese idol group SMAP and has achieved a lot of fame in the Japanese and Asian world as a TV actor.

Takuya Kimura and ShizukaKudo with their kids

In 2000 he married ShizukaKudo (due to the confusion in the Western World which way around Japanese names are read, she will also appear as KudoShizuka), who is another Japanese pop idol. Their daughters were born in 2001 and 2003, respectively.

For all anyone can say the couple has been happy, at least on the outside. Takuya’s fame may not have always been easy to handle by his wife, whose career seems to have somewhat dwindled, but she is still married to him. It may not be helpful that Takuya is considered one of the most beautiful men in Japan and adored by many.

Since at least 2006 it seems that the couple is haunted by divorce rumors. The blogosphere especially seems to be rather preoccupied with the subject. Every blog writer appears to bemoan a possible split, but no solid evidence has ever been produced that the couple is truly splitting up.

Takuya Kimura and ShizukaKudo day out

There are only speculations. Takuya has been said to be flirting with other women. He was accused of not wanting his wife to have a modelling career. And Shizuka has reportedly been seen with another man, who has been identified as her English teacher.

As soon as Takuya appears to be crestfallen it is attributed to marriage woes. And when he reportedly speaks of his marriage and that things aren’t going too well, a divorce is said to be imminent.

One report even said that it was already settled that Shizuka would take the couple’s daughters. That was in 2011.

It’s even been said that Takuya’s manager would love for him to get divorced, so that he could gather more unmarried fans as his movie career takes off.

As of this year, however, Takuya and Shizuka are still officially married and there don’t seem to be any current divorce rumors around. How happy they are only the two would be able to tell. But their marriage at least has weathered all those rumors, which indicates that they are pretty solid.


Why those rumors exist is a mystery. Is it envy or some kind of jealousy of two beautiful and successful people being married, who don’t deserve that happiness? One would hope not. The obsession of the blogosphere with the subject seems strange and perhaps there is some wishful thinking involved. It’s easier to dream about your idol when he or she is not otherwise unattached.

Thus far, however, Takuya and Shizuka appear to be living their happily ever after and until there is no evidence that they have parted ways, there is no reason to assume otherwise.

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ShizukaKudo and Takuya Kimura look so made for each other

ShizukaKudo and Takuya Kimura pose for a snap