Despite having been separated since 2009, Stevie Wonder only filed for divorce from Kai Morris in 2012

At age 64 Stevie Wonder has had many relationships with many women, fathering a total of nine children. But he has only been married twice and divorced once. The second divorce may not even be finalized.

When Stevie Wonder filed for divorce from Kai Morris in August 2012, the couple had been separated for almost three years already.


The two were married in 2001. Stevie had only been married once before that. Syreeta Wright was his wife from 1970 to 1972, but never mother to any of his children. His first daughter was born in 1975 by another woman.

Perhaps the man never felt the urge to marry after this. It took him 30 years to walk down the aisle again, after all. Perhaps he just isn’t marriage material. At least Kai Morris captivated him enough to be married to him for eleven years, though they called it quits after nine years. How long before that they stopped being happy is another question entirely.

They had two sons together and when Stevie Wonder filed for divorce, he requested joint custody, and offered child and spousal support. Since it was not clear, if there had been a pre-nuptial agreement, many speculated that Kai stood to gain quite a few assets from those 11 years of marriage.


When or if the divorce was finalized is unclear. In some places it is claimed that the divorce has not been finalized yet and the two are technically still married. In other places they are considered divorced as of 2012. A precise date, however, could not be found.

Kai certainly didn’t say much about the separation or subsequent divorce, but it is said that she and Stevie are on amicable terms these days, because of their two sons. We do know, though, that Stevie moved on very quickly after news of the divorce broke.

Given that the couple had been separated for nearly three years already, this seems hardly a surprise and chances are that both of them had already moved on from each other.


In Stevie’s case, at least, we know who he moved on with: the now 25-year old Tomeeka Robyn Bracy. The two have been an item since 2012.

Towards the end of last year it was reported that the couple were expecting triplets. But that allegation was soon denied and Stevie Wonder merely confirmed that they were expecting a baby girl in December and that she would be named Nia. Prior to that it has been said that Tomeeka’s youngest daughter was also Stevie’s child, which now seems all but confirmed.

Apparently for Stevie it was love at first sight, in a manner of speaking. That, however, has only been reported by the National Enquirer, a magazine that would try and tell us the sky is green if it would suit them.

It is telling, though, that Stevie apparently vowed to be there for his newest daughter, who was indeed born in December, and her older sister, because he missed out so much on the upbringing of most of his other children.


That is unsurprising, because he has thus far only been married to one mother of two of his children and though marriage is not a prerequisite in the upbringing of children, it certainly helps in the commitment to one’s family. We do know, though, that Stevie Wonder has a very close relationship with his eldest daughter, who, incidentally, is as old as the age gap is long between Stevie and Tomeeka, namely 39 years.

One might want to question the motives of a 25-year old, who has children with a man, who could be her grandfather. Let alone a man, who is as wealthy and famous as Stevie Wonder. On the other hand, however, it would be rather difficult for Stevie Wonder to find a woman, who has never heard of him and would want to be with him just for himself.

Be that as it may, it might be true love and nobody but the two inside the relationship will be able to judge that. It would be nice for their daughters, though, if Stevie would finally settle down and see them growing up.