Steven Weber is twice divorced and his only long-term relationship is with his work

Steven Weber has been married twice, divorce twice and he has two children. Will there be another marriage in his future?

Divorced in 1992 and 2013

Steven Weber was first married to actress Finn Carter in 1985. The met on the set of a movie they were both working on earlier that year. Clearly it was a whirlwind romance and they were both swept away.

Steven Weber and Juliette Hohnen family photo

As it happened, the two remained married for nearly 7 years. Their relationship ended in 1992 in divorce for unknown reasons. Their marriage remained childless, which was probably just as well.

Finn went on to marry again in 1997 and had two children with her second husband.

Steven was only 34 when he married again in 1995. Second wife Juliette Hohnen worked for MTV Europe at the time, but later became an interior designer. With her Steven had two children, both boys.

Steven Weber may not be a big celebrity, but he is certainly a staple on the silver screen. He’s made countless appearances on TV shows and in movies, even headlining the show Wings as the lead actor. Steven certainly has made a name and a career for himself. But he keeps his private life private and appearances with his wife or family were rare.

Juliette Hohnen and Steven Weber holding hands

Looking in from the outside it’s quite impossible to tell how happy the couple was, but they were married without incident for nearly 17 years.

When it became known that Juliette had filed for divorce in February 2013, it was also mentioned that the couple had officially separated in October 2012. Whether attempts at reconciliation had been made is not clear, but no marriage that manages to last that long just breaks apart without the people in it at least trying to keep it together.

Their sons were 10 and 12 years old at the time and it’s safe to say that at least for them the couple would have tried to make their marriage work.

In the end Juliette pulled the plug, however, and she filed citing the customary irreconcilable differences. She requested joint legal and physical custody of the boys, suggesting that the divorce was reasonably amicable and that she wanted Steven to have a close relationship with his sons. She also requested spousal support, which is not unreasonable given that Steven has a stable career and likely makes more money than she does.

Since nothing suggests that there were any issues with the divorce, it would likely have been finalized within the usual six months. The couple divorced quietly and there’s no reason to believe that Juliette didn’t get what she asked for.

Steven has continued to be very busy on TV with various recurring guest appearances on some high profile shows. It seems as if his divorce has freed him up to work incessantly, confirming once again that his main relationship is with his career and that he certainly won’t divorce that until they have to carry him off a set.

But if there’s a new love in his life we don’t know. Steven Weber separates work and life quite successfully, but should he get married again, we’ll hear about it.


Juliette Hohnen and Steven Weber hug

Juliette Hohnen and Steven Weber snapped at an event

Juliette Hohnen and Steven Weber arrives at an event together

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