Sonia Sedibe’s 2014 was probably one of the worst years of her life, bringing a stroke and a divorce

Sonia Sedibe was married in 2006 and after a contentious divorce in 2014 she finally moves on this year, albeit without a significant other.

Divorce finalized in 2014

Sonia married Leslie, who had been married before, in 2006. She brought a child into the marriage from a previous relationship, but this was her first marriage.

Sonia Sedibe and Leslie Sedibe arrive at an event

For a time their marriage would have to have been happy, because they did bring two children into the world. But Sonia found that she was becoming the woman Leslie wanted her to be, which was not necessarily the woman she was or wanted to be.

You can love someone to the moon and back, but if you lose yourself trying to make that person happy, your relationship is almost bound to fail. It also calls into question why the other wanted to marry you to begin with? Who did they marry? The person you are or the person they want you to be?

It would appear Sonia found herself facing those very same questions and by 2013 the first divorce rumours made the rounds. Clearly the couple was falling apart. But Sonia later said that nobody walks away from a marriage easily and never without having tried everything to keep things together.

Sonia Sedibe and Leslie Sedibe enjoy family time

But apparently she and Leslie were just too different to make it work. And she could no longer accommodate him.

By mid-2014 everyone knew that the marriage was broken. Sonia suffered a mild stroke around that time and Leslie never visited her in the hospital. It is said that he didn’t even wanted to talk about what she was going through.

Of course, that’s only hearsay, but at the same time the divorce, which would have been broiling at that time, has been called ugly and contentious. Alas, we hardly know any details about the divorce. Not when it was finalized, what the alimony or custody arrangements might be and we only know that it was Sonia who moved out of the marital home to live elsewhere.

Sonia Sedibe and Leslie Sedibe with daughter

We don’t even know who filed for divorce or what led to its ultimate demise. Interestingly Sonia later said that the fact that she has many gay friends and has very liberal and accepting views did not sit well with Leslie. It may have caused strife between the two, but was it enough to be a reason for divorce?

Last year was not a happy one for 2014 and it seems that Sonia took most of 2015 to recover from her failed marriage and the stroke. It’s been alleged that she has moved back home to her mother, apparently due to financial trouble. But it’s somewhat difficult to surmise that she has no money simply because she spends a lot of time at home.

Where do any of us want to go when we’ve had a scary and stressful or even woefully unhappy time? Home. Those of us lucky enough to have loving mothers and fathers (and not all of us are that lucky) will cry for our parents no matter what age we are, especially when we are unwell.

Why would Sonia be any different, especially since she seems to be quite close to her mother?

For now she remains resolutely single, so there’s no other shoulder to cry on either. Let her go home and recover. At least she has someplace to go to.


Leslie Sedibe & Sonia Sedibe say cheese

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