After a quick marriage and divorce Jaime Pressly is no longer rushing into things

When Jaime Pressly met Simran Singh the two fell in love quickly. Then they were engaged quickly, married shortly thereafter and within two years they were already divorced.

Divorce finalized in November 2011

When Jaime Pressly got engaged to Simran Singh, the two had only been dating for a short time. Short here means less than a year. But at the time the two were so in love with each other that they simply wanted to be together, perhaps believing that it would last forever.

Jaime Pressly and Simran Singh holding hands

The couple was married in September 2009, barely two months after they were engaged. Apparently they couldn’t wait to be together. Jaime even took Singh’s name as her own, though professionally she remained known under her old surname.

He two-year old son attended the ceremony as well. He was the result of her relationship with Eric Cubiche, to whom Jaime had been engaged for quite some time before the relationship ended.

With Simran Jaime didn’t want to waste any time and so they simply got married as soon as was reasonable.

At the time Jaime said that she was looking for someone, who was able to take care of her. She pointed out right away that she wasn’t talking about financial care. It didn’t matter to her how much money her significant other had. It was more of a question of paying attention and being attentive, which includes cooking the occasional dinner, being able to clean up after oneself and simply being thoughtful.

Simran Singh and girlfriend Eric Cubiche at a red carpet event

It’s difficult to say if she thought that Simran fit the bill. They hadn’t really gotten to know each other by the time they were married and we don’t even know how long the couple may have lived together.

As it happened, 15 months after the wedding Jaime filed for divorce. It was, once again, a case of irreconcilable differences. Incidentally Jaime had been arrested for a DUI only a few weeks before her filing and some wondered if the two things were connected.

Jaime went on record denying that that was the case, however.

She essentially admitted that falling in love quickly and getting married quickly had, unfortunately, not turned out the way she and Simran had hoped it would. Their relationship proved unsustainable and they came to the conclusion that they had to part ways.

In her filing Jaime requested that Simran should not receive spousal support. Whilst he is an entertainment lawyer in Beverly Hills, a job that should pay the bills quite nicely, it can be assumed that Jaime had the better standing financially.

Hamzi Hijazi-Simran Singh's current wife

The divorce ended up being finalized in November 2011. Both got to keep one house and a car each in the settlement deal and Jaime retained all rights to her company J’aime Productions. She was ordered to pay Simran a $45,000 Equalization Payment, though. But no further spousal support was added to the deal. Jaime also requested that her maiden name be reinstated as her surname.

Whilst Jaime did move on very quickly with Hamzi Hijazi, the two have been together ever since and are still a happy couple. It seems Hamzi is getting along quite nicely with Jaime’s son as well. But this time around Jaime didn’t rush into another marriage. Even after nearly five years together, Jaime and Hamzi have not moved towards a marriage at all.

It seems after making the mistake of rushing into a relationship once, Jaime is not too keen on trying that again.


Jaime Pressly and Simran Singh dayout with baby

Simran Singh and Hamzi Hijazi say cheese

Simran Singh and Hamzi Hijazi look superhot!

An expecting Eric Cubiche and Simran Singh

Jaime Pressly and Simran Singh look stunning

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