Sienna Miller keeps avoiding divorces by breaking off her engagements

Sienna Miller has nearly been married twice, but both times the engagement ended before a wedding took place. That’s one way to avoid divorce.

Sienna Miller has been with a string of rather famous men. Some may content that some of her own fame was a direct result of her dating life. Most of the time, however, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for her.

Sienna Miller with first boyfriend Jude Law

She was most famously with Jude Law since 2003. Jude, who had previously been married to Sadie Frost, even proposed to Sienna in 2004. But their love took definitely a turn for the worse when Jude cheated on Sienna with the nanny of his children – the ones he had with Sadie.

He issued a very public apology to Sienna and his family when the affair came to light. The two tried to patch things up, but by the end of 2006 the couple called it quits. Apparently it had been a mutual decision when the two realised that they had come to the end of their road together.

Sienna moved on and once again became embroiled in somewhat of a scandal that put the stamp of home wrecker on her name. She engaged in an affair with Balthazar Getty, actor and Getty heir, who was very much married with children.

The couple appeared all over the tabloids and set everyone’s tongues wagging. Perhaps all that attention was a little bit too much in the end and Balthazar ended things with Sienna. He opted to crawl back to his wife, who graciously forgave him and the two are still married. Balthazar even claimed that his affair with Sienna made his marriage to wife Rosetta stronger.

Balthazar Getty-Sienna Miller's onetime boyfriend

That certainly made for an eventful 2008 for Sienna and she must have decided at some point that it might not be a bad idea to go back to the start and be with someone she already knew. So, Jude and Sienna were back on in 2009.

The two managed to keep their relationship going until early 2011, when they once more announced their separation. This time for good, it seems.

Sienna began dating actor Tom Sturridge that same year and early in 2012 Tom popped the question. A month later it became somewhat obvious why he had done so, because Sienna announced her first pregnancy. Daughter Marlowe was born in July 2012. According to Sienna she is the best thing that has ever happened to her.

She and Tom stayed together for another three years, playing happy family. Sienna once said that Tom was her calm centre, very much the opposite of her crazy life, which she appreciated. And she enjoyed being a mother. But somehow the two didn’t manage to walk down the aisle and actually get married.

In the summer of 2015, then, Sienna and Tom announced their separation. They continued as friends and co-parents, managing both quite well, but there would be no marriage and no romantic relationship for them either.

Sienna has never really talked much about the prospect of marriage. She’s been engaged twice now, but whether or not she and her respective fiancés had ever even planned for a wedding is unclear. Perhaps she wanted to be completely certain before taking the plunge. A long engagement could be helpful in that regard and it is certainly preferable to a quick marriage and a quick divorce.

At the end of the day Sienna is only 34 years old. She still has plenty of time to figure things out and get married when she finds the right guy. Lately she’s been linked to film director Bennett Miller, but whether or not there’s more to that is unclear.


Sienna Miller and ex-fiancé, Tom Sturridge

Sienna Miller and Jude Law cozying

Bennett Miller link up with Bennett Miller

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