Sherri Shepherd’s and Lamar Sally’s shockingly messy divorce

A sudden divorce and two custody battles in one year. What is happening in Sherri Shepherd’s life? And who is at fault here, Lamar or her?

First she was married to comedian Jeff Tarpley in 2001. They had a prematurely born son, Jeffrey, in 2005 after a twin girl was miscarried by Sherri. Only one year later the couple separated, and after discovering he had an affair, they divorced in 2009.

Sherri Shepherd with Ex-Husband Jeff Tarpley

It doesn’t sound as if it was an easy time for Sherri Shepherd and perhaps it marred her for life. But she remarried in 2011. Marital problems were not detected by anyone and so it came as a shock to friends and fans when she filed for divorce from Lamar Sally in May 2014.

And though Lamar had filed for separation and custody of their unborn child ten days before, he also claims to have been blindsided by her request to divorce. He alleges that she had told him that she wanted a divorce during a therapy session, but he hadn’t taken her seriously. It wouldn’t have been the first time that she had an idea out of the blue, just to let it go later on and he chalked it up to that.

But not so this time. Sherri apparently suspected Lamar to have cheated on her at some point during their marriage, but it is entirely unclear when and with whom. Perhaps she didn’t want to hear him out, if he ever tried to defend himself or clear up a potential misunderstanding. Lamar never addressed the rumor and said they had a loving relationship.

At the time of the divorce filings, Sherri had other problems anyway, because she was being sued by her first ex-husband for temporary physical custody of their son Jeffrey, claiming she was a neglectful mother. But in July a judge declared that there was no material change in the circumstances, and Sherri retained custody of her son Jeffrey.

To make matters worse for Sherri, she was fired from the successful daytime talk show “The View” together with Jenny McCarthy. After Barbara Walters had left, only Whoopie Goldberg remained a host of the show, which is now facing a complete overhaul.

Sherri Shepherd with Son Jeffrey

Sherri’s life was in upheaval and it was not going to get better.

Lamar and Sherri had wanted a child together, but Sherri was not getting any younger and it turned out that her eggs were no longer viable. Eventually the couple decided to look for a surrogate to use a donor egg and Lamar’s sperm to create a child together in a roundabout way. Sherri had said that it wouldn’t matter to her that she wouldn’t be the child’s biological mother and would bond with it regardless.

It took them eight months to find the right surrogate. And when she filed for divorce, the pregnancy was already in its sixth month.

Lamar Jr. was born on August 5. Sherri was not there for the birth and Lamar Sally revealed that she has yet to meet the boy. Apparently he asked her to sign her name to the child’s birth certificate, so he would know who his mother is, but it does not seem that she is willing to consent.

It is said, in fact, that she wants nothing to do with the baby.

Lamar meanwhile is suing her for spousal support as well as child support. According to their pre-nup he forfeited his right to spousal support, however. But during their marriage he has mostly been a stay-at-home husband, looking after her finances with no income of his own. It is therefore difficult not to side with him on the matter.

Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally at an event

The same goes for the requested child support. Whilst she has no biological obligation, it doesn’t mean she has no legal obligation. When a child is purposely conceived, there are at least two parties involved, both of which then have obligations and responsibilities toward that child.

The same should be true here. Sherri wanted the child and said she would love him. Her acrimonious split from her husband should not change that.

The last update we have is that she offered Lamar a one-off payment of $100,000, which is more than he is entitled to according to their pre-nup. She included a monthly child support of $3,000. But Lamar refused, saying that he wants $10,000 in child support, which in turn Sherri refuses.

2014 is definitely not Sherri Sheperd’s year and it’s far from over. It would appear that a trial is required to settle things between the exes once and for all, and to also decide on the fate of an innocent baby, who will hopefully never learn about the circumstances he was born into.

And as for who is to blame? In all the statements he has made, Lamar seemed to be sound and reasonable, hardly requesting anything unrealistic from Sherri. Though asking for $10,000 in child support is perhaps taking it too far. Sherri on the other hand is much harder to read and given her recent stance on baby Lamar Jr. and the lack of explanation as to why she really filed for divorce, one has to wonder what is going on with her.

No doubt the battle between the two will continue publicly and we haven’t heard the last about this.


Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally at a resort

Sherri Shepherd and Jeff Tarpley get cozy

Lamar Sally Sherri Shepherd at an event

Jeffrey with supermom Sherri Shepherd