Sharon Osbourne wanted a divorce when Ozzy nearly drove her to the brink

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have been together for over forty years, married for 33 years. But their relationship was tumultuous at times and divorce has certainly been on the table.

Sharon met Ozzy when she was only 18 years old. It’s safe to say that he had a great impact on her life and is at least partly responsible for who she is today, matriarch of the Osbourne family. Who would she have turned out to be, if she hadn’t married the Black Sabbath singer in 1982? You would have to find a way to travel into an alternative reality to find out.

Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy share a laugh

Together the two had three children, Aimee, Kelly and Jack – only the younger two are similarly famous as their parents since Aimee more or less opted out of their reality TV life.

We know that Sharon and Ozzy didn’t always have the easiest of marriages. Fame is never conducive to that sort of thing. In 1989 Sharon was nearly strangled by Ozzy, who was a on a 5-day Vodka binge. In 2002 Sharon suffered from colon cancer and in 2011 she had a double mastectomy after doctors found a gene that made it more likely for her to develop breast cancer.

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Ozzy for his part has struggled with alcoholism and substance abuse for pretty much his entirely adult life. It aged him prematurely.

He went into rehab more than once, but managed to stay clean for quite a few years before relapsing once more in 2012. When Sharon discovered that he had been abusing prescription meds and confronted him with it, he didn’t take her seriously. She admitted she knew he had been drinking occasionally, but was unaware that he had been overdoing it.

She forced him into therapy, but instead of talking, he spent his time on the toilet. Sharon was furious and devastated. The two were said to be separated for a little while in the first half of 2013, when Sharon had discovered his relapse. She was seen without her wedding ring and rumours of an impending divorce made the rounds.

Sharon did admit that she demanded a divorce from him. But not because she truly wanted to leave him, though he certainly had pushed her to the brink.

Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy at an event

No, she wanted his attention. She said she would demand half of everything plus £100,000 alimony every month. She counted on his sore spot, which is money.

Ozzy, predictably, refused.

And he went into therapy and rehab once more.

It was likely one of the greater struggles the couple went through in recent years, especially since Sharon said upon reconciliation that she couldn’t imagine her life without Ozzy. And how could she? She’s been with him for most of her life, her entire adult life in any case. They’ve been through too much to give up this late in the game.

At the end of the day their divorce would certainly have come as a shock, because their fans can’t imagine a Sharon without Ozzy or the other way around. And it seems that they will never have to see that become reality.


Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy snapped at an event

Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy with daughter Kelly

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