Sergio Agüero stays in dating game after his divorce from Giannina Maradona

Sergio Agüero was married to Diego Maradona’s daughter Giannina for four years. We have no idea why they split in 2013 and when the divorce was finalized, however.

They were introduced by Diego Maradona in 2008. And it would seem they hit it off fairly quickly, because Sergio Agüero married Giannina Maradonna that same year and their son Benjamin was born in 2009.

Giannina Maradonna-Sergio Aguero's beautiful wife

However, the brightly burning flame between the two sizzled out by the time 2012 came around. In January 2013 the two officially split. Sergio was 24 at the time and Giannina only 23. Their youth itself never bode well for their marriage.

Sergio has become a pretty high profile football player and has been able to celebrate success with his team Manchester City. But Giannina lived mostly in Madrid, where Sergio had played until 2011 for Atlético. When he moved to Manchester to play there, it would appear that Giannina did not move with him.

Giannina Maradonna and Sergio Aguero happy family photo

The increasing distance between the two very likely hailed the end of their marriage.

After the split became official Giannina returned to Buenos Aires permanently. That seems to have hit Sergio harder than anything, because he was now even less able to see his son Benjamin, whom he clearly adores.

It’s been rumoured that the split turned sour after Giannina left for Buenos Aires and Diego Maradonna has been rather vocal about voicing support for his youngest daughter and disdain for Sergio. Taking his daughter’s side, however, can hardly be surprising. In the end he really shouldn’t be too hard on Sergio either; after all, it was Diego who introduced the two.

Be that as it may, we’ve never actually heard anything else about the divorce. Not that it became contentious nor when it was even finalized. It is believed to have been decreed at some point in 2013, however.

Karina Tejeda-Sergio Aguero current girlfriend

Thus the details of the divorce are also unknown to us. But we definitely know that he has visitation rights with his son and we can safely assume that he pays child-support.

Sergio didn’t take long before moving on, despite the heartache over missing his son. He soon was seen out with Argentinean cumbia singer Karina Tejeda and reportedly they were together until very recently. In fact, they were still considered a couple in October this year when they were said to be celebrating Sergio’s incredible 5-goal haul.

But as of now he is said to have split from her and has even been linked to Toni Duggan, who is also playing for Manchest City, but for the women’s team. Whilst they have been seen together in official capacities, thus far there’s no evidence that there is a romantic link.


Sergio Aguero and Karina Tejeda look stunning together

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Giannina Maradonna and Sergio Aguero dayout with son Ben