Scott Stapp’s psychotic break nearly ended in a divorce and more than one ruined life

When Scott Stapp suffered a psychotic break in November 2014 it nearly destroyed him and his family. A year later he’s been through therapy and rehab and his wife called the divorce off.

It seems that rock artists and drugs come together more often than not, and rarely in a good way. Then again, drugs aren’t really a good thing for anyone and addiction is often a problem for those who can’t cope with the pressure of certain industries.

Jaclyn Stapp and Scott Stapp look stunning

Scott Stapp was one of the biggest acts with Creed in the 90’s and even much of the Noughts, but a lot seems to have changed since. Whilst he is still appearing solo, his heydays are over. Instead he has become a family man when he married Jaclyn Stapp and had three children with her.

The two married in 2006 when he was still Creed’s frontman. At the time he had already debuted with his first solo album, though. Jaclyn herself is a former beauty queen, but mostly works as a philanthropist these days, helping children in need.

Jaclyn and Scott had three children, but it seems drugs were always a problem, because Scott relapsed numerous times and after Scott was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, Jaclyn said that she’d always known that there was something off, but hadn’t been able to put her finger on it.

In November 2014 Scott seems to have reached a breaking point, brought on by drug abuse. He posted a video rant on Facebook, claiming that he lived in a hotel and had lived in his car for a while, that he had no money to eat and had even been admitted to a hospital because of malnutrition.

Jaclyn Stapp and Scott Stapp cozying

Not long after that Jaclyn filed for divorce, claiming that Scott was a danger to herself and their children, especially since Scott had threatened to kill all of them, sending a string of bizarre text messages, claiming that his family was involved with ISIS and that there were biological weapons in Florida.

News outlets and gossip magazines always made sure to add that these were claims and allegations made by Jaclyn. But such things can certainly be verified by checking phone and messaging records and the claims were just too wild not to be true. Why would she have made something so insane up?

It was clear that she still loved her husband, because she asked for help for him. In December she was granted sole legal and physical custody, but Scott’s episode was not over yet. It lasted apparently most of three months.

Eventually he did get help. He went into rehab and then into intense therapy, emerging sober. During that time he was diagnosed as bi-polar, which surprised and pained him, but he went public with it anyway. In May 2015 the worst of his crisis was definitely over and he admitted that he went through a psychotic break, which left him increasingly paranoid. He called it “being out of my mind”.

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By that time Jaclyn had apparently already called off the divorce and the family had been reunited.

Later in 2015 the couple actually joined reality TV show Couple’s Therapy, where they lived with other prominent couples in a house for three and half weeks and received intense therapy from Dr. Jenn.

The two later said that they had been sceptical about the whole thing and would have pulled out, if it had been scripted in any way or if the therapy wouldn’t have been real. In the end both Jaclyn and Scott called it a real and intense experience, but they preferred to continue therapy in private.

Scott most certainly looked much healthier and better then and seemed to be on the right path to healing. His wife stood by him and filing for divorce was likely her own call for help and a desperate measure at the time. But she affirmed that she loves Scott and perhaps they’ll never have to face divorce again. But that very much hinges on Scott staying sober.


Scott Stapp & Jaclyn Stapp  with kids

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Jaclyn Stapp and Scott Stapp look great together

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